The Town of Tecumseh (Town) is once again offering the Tecumseh Snow and Leaf Angels
Program (Program) for the 2017-18 season, commencing October 31, 2017, through to March
31, 2018.
The Program will match volunteers, known as Snow and Leaf Angels, from the community with
seniors and persons with physical disabilities living in the Town. Snow & Leaf Angels will clear
leaves and snow from Town sidewalks and driveway entrances for those in need of assistance.
The Town is looking for volunteers for the Program. The Program is truly “the neighbourly thing to
do” and is a great way for families to volunteer together, or for high school students to complete
their 40 hours of community service.
To learn more about the Program and how to volunteer, visit the Town’s website or contact the
Tecumseh Town Hall. Seniors (those ages 65 or older) and persons with physical disabilities can
also contact the Town to apply for assistance.
Information on this and all Town news and events is available at www.tecumseh.ca,
www.tecumsehapp.ca, Twitter (@TownofTecumseh), and Facebook (Town of Tecumseh).