Ontario Green Leaf Challenge

Green Leaf Challenge

2017 marks a milestone year as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. Forests Ontario is proud to be leading initiatives that celebrate our trees and forests and take action in support of a greener future.

We're asking community representatives like yourself to help get the word out and encourage Ontarians to get involved in this celebration.

Last week, Forests Ontario sent out a letter of introduction to these initiatives by mail. This message features additional material that you can share with your networks and help spread the word.

If you have any questions or would like materials on these programs sent to you, please contact Forests Ontario at 1-877-646-1193.


Ontario's Green Leaf Challenge

The Ontario Government and Forests Ontario invite Ontarians to celebrate Ontario’s 150th birthday by taking part in the Green Leaf Challenge and helping us to plant three million trees across the province in 2017.

Below is a collection of material with more information on the Green Leaf Challenge and how to get involved.
• Green Leaf Challenge postcard
• Official release from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
• Green Leaf Challenge website
• Green Leaf Challenge 101 video
Some of the ways you can spread the word about this initiative:
• Include materials and info about the Green Leaf Challenge in your communications
• Feature material on your website
• Share info on social media using the #greenleafchallenge hashtag
• Register your trees on the Green Leaf Challenge website
• Submit any planting event you're hosting to the website


Ontario Heritage Tree Program

Trees are not just beautiful landmarks and the heart of healthy ecosystems, but characters in the stories that form our history.

A heritage tree is a tree or group of trees linked to significant figures or events from history or unique based on size, form, shape, age, or species. Examples include trees that:
• Were planted by or located on a property inhabited by a historical figure
• Have been marked or modified by First Nations groups
• Are notable for their age or species
• Served as inspiration for a well known work of art
We’re inviting Ontarians to join us in celebrating the social, cultural, and historic legacy of 150 trees in 2017.

If you know a special, storied tree in your neighbourhood or community, we’d like you to share its story with us.

You can also share this leaflet with community members.


The 50 Million Tree Program

The 50 Million Tree Program offers landowners with 2.5 or more acres of available land financial and practical assistance for tree planting. Assistance offered through the program can cover a significant portion of planting costs. Plantings are also delivered by our partners across the province in order to minimize efforts for landowners.

This program is a great opportunity for landowners to leave a legacy for their community and enhance the value and function of their property.

You can also share this video explaining the program.