Frequently Asked Questions

taxbill.jpgHow can I pay my taxes?

By Mail: Cheques post-dated to the due date(s) are accepted. Once submitted, post-dated cheques cannot be returned. DO NOT SEND CASH. Please mail tax remittance stub and include your assessment roll number on the front of your cheque.
Telephone/PC Banking: Payment may be made through any major Canadian bank via telephone or personal computer. Contact your own bank for details.
In Person: Payment may be made in person at Town Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Town of Tecumseh Municipal Building
917 Lesperance Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 1W9

Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP):
You are eligible to join the plan if your property tax payments are up to date. If you have arrears on your account, they must be paid prior to enrolment.

There are two payment plan choices.
1. Monthly Tax Payment Plan
Your property taxes will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account in 10 installments on or about the 15th of the month starting in February. The first 9 installments will be equal in amounts with the 10th and final installment in November being the balance owing for the year.
2. Installment Due Date Tax Payment Plan
Your property taxes will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on each installment date. (Normally the date of these installments will fall in February, April, June and September)
Deadline for joining a PAP plan is 30 days prior to any due date.
To join, complete the application form, found in Forms and return to Town Hall with a void cheque.
If your mortgage company is responsible for paying these taxes, please forward your tax notice directly to them.


fridge.gifHow do I get white goods picked up?

Monthly collection of white goods is provided to Tecumseh residents.  To arrange for pick-up call Windsor Disposal service at 519 944-8009. (ie. metal items - hot water tanks, BBQ's, bathtub, refrigerators)

There is no charge for this service.

recycle.jpgWhen is garbage and blue box picked up?


Garbage collection is every Thursday, place garbage at curb on Wednesday night
Recycling is picked up every two weeks. Click here to download 2014 collection calendar .


dogtags.jpgHow do I contact the Dog Catcher?


To contact the Dog Catcher contact Phil Byrne at 519-562-1730


snowremoval.jpgWho do I contact regarding snow removal?

Questions regarding snow removal can be directed to Further information can be found at in our Public Works section.

dogtags.jpgHow do I obtain a dog licence?

The Owner of every dog shall on or before the 31st day of March in each year obtain from the Dog License Issuer a license and tag for each dog owned. A person who acquires a dog after the 31st day of March in any year shall obtain from the Municipality a license and tag within fourteen days after the acquisition of such dog. The dog license fees are :
$ 15.00 - On or before March 31st. $ 30.00 - After March 31st.

coachlightchristmas.JPGHow do I report a burnt out streetlight?


Essex Power - Streetlight Maintenance
To report a problem with streetlights, please contact Essex Power at 519-737-6640 or the after hours number at 519-561-6366