Parking and Shuttle Service


On-Site Parking is available at Lacasse Park.  $5.00 parking fee per vehicle. Parking is subject to available space and turf conditions.

Visitors that require Accessible Parking are asked to inform the Festival Attendant at the entrance of Lacasse Park with your Accessible Parking pass so that you may be directed to the on-site accessible paid parking area.

Visitors parking on municipal roadways are reminded to please adhere to all posted traffic and parking signs.   The municipal parking lots of Tecumseh Town Hall and Tecumseh Arena are available for parking.


Visitors that require assistance to get to areas within the festival grounds may ask for assistance at the Corn Festival Information Booth located at the entrance of the Vendor Village or speak to any one of the Event Staff in the park.  Complimentary in-park vehicle transportation is available to assist visitors to various areas of the festival grounds.


The Tecumseh Transit Service will be providing its regular transit service that runs Monday through Saturday, 6AM to 6PM, and includes stops at the Tecumseh Mall and Lacasse Park.  The Tecumseh Transit Service bus can accommodate up to 2 wheelchair passengers.

A special transit service will be offered on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25 with direct service from Tecumseh Mall to and from Lacasse Park between the hours of 6 PM to Midnight.

Regular transit fares apply for all transit service.

  Adults - $2.00
  Senior - $1.50
  Student - $1.00
  Child Under 5 - Free
  Veterans - Free
  Blind Persons - Free
  Person Accompanying a Disabled Rider - Free