Building Services

The Building Services is located in the Municipal Offices located at 917 Lesperance Road and is open during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m).

The Building Services  provides the following services:

a)  The issuance of the following Building and building related Permits (see the Permits and Information section contained on this web page for further information):   

  • Building and Demolition Permits
  • Sewage System Permits
  • Fence Permits
  • Sign Permits (including portable signs)
  • Pool Permits
  • Lot Grading Permits    

b)  The enforcement of the following By-Laws (see the By-law Enforcement section contained on this web page for more information): 

  • Zoning By-law
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Land Maintenance By-law
  • Lot Grading By-law
  • Fencing By-law
  • Sign By-law
  • Snow Removal By-law  

c)  The enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and building inspections.

Please note that other departments are responsible for the enforcement of By-laws not included in the list above.  Please check the website further or contact the Municipal Offices for referral to the proper Department.

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 For further information, contact the Building Department, located at the Municipal Offices, 917 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh, Ont. Tel. 519 735 2184 ext. 103      Fax # 519 735 6712

The Building Department is supported by:

Name Title Extension Number Select to contact by email
Mike Voegeli Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official 106 Contact person by email
Rick Wellwood Development Officer 107 Contact person by email
John Blokker Building Officer 126 Contact person by email
Leeann Levac Clerk II - Administrative Clerk 103 Contact person by email