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The Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service is committed to protecting lives, property and the environment from fires, natural disaster and hazardous materials incidents.  The fire service also saves lives by providing emergency medical services.  In addition, Tecumseh Fire Rescue Services seeks to prevent fires from occurring through comprehensive public education and fire prevention programs.  It provides a work environment that values cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.


An organization is only as good as its people. While it is wonderful to have new equipment and stations, without great people they are only symbols. Our people make a difference. They are great ambassadors for the Town of Tecumseh and they care about every person they encounter. Without them, the TFRS would only be a shell. On behalf of the Town of Tecumseh, thank you to 'all' of our great people.

 Remember to do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
- Theodore Roosevelt

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In 2014, the Fire Department will focus on the development of competencies and continuous improvement in training and education within the organization.  The Department’s administration will remain concentrated on preparedness for probable emergencies while considering and preparing for less likely but highly significant events that may impact the Town and its citizens.

Members of the fire service participate in ongoing training and are required to meet the goals set out by the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM) and senior fire management.  These objectives, once attained, raise the level of competencies within the Department and result in a team of fire service professionals that can meet and excel in situations they may encounter while performing the duties required of them while on call.

The Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service will continue to be a leader in supporting charities that are an integral part of our community such as area Goodfellows.  As well, our successful Fire Prevention Week Open Houses and public education offered in school visits are vital opportunities to serve and educate the public.  A new seniors fire safety program is being delivered for 2014.

On behalf of all our personnel I want to thank Mayor and Council and the citizens of Tecumseh for their continued support in the coming year.  To all the Tecumseh residents—this is your fire service; please feel free to drop by and learn more from our dedicated firefighters.

Doug Pitre
Fire Chief



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Tecumseh Fire/Rescue Service provides firefighting protection for the lives and property of citizens of the Town of Tecumseh. Personnel respond to all calls for service and provide firefighting, rescue, emergency medical intervention (including defibrillation), vehicle extrication, shore-based water rescue and confined space entry rescue.

The Tecumseh Fire/Rescue Service is a composite fire service operating out of two stations, each with a complement of 20 partial-paid firefighters. The department services a population of 24,000 providing fire and emergency medical coverage to a 120 square mile area and responds to approximately 400 calls per year.


The Fire Department is supported by:

Name Title Extension Number Select to contact by email
Doug Pitre Director Fire Services & Fire Chief 519 979-4041 x210 Contact person by email
Chad Mactier Deputy Fire Chief 519 979-4041 x216 Contact person by email
Bob Hamilton Fire Prevention Officer 519 979-4041 x211 Contact person by email
Kathie Primeau Clerk II - Administrative Clerk 519 979-4041 x212 Contact person by email