Tecumseh Road Main Street (CIP)


The Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Project Area represents the historical commercial core of the Town and comprises an approximate 1.2 kilometre corridor centred on Tecumseh Road from the VIA Railway on the east to the Town’s border with the City of Windsor just beyond Southfield Drive on the west (see Figure 1 below).  The area encompasses 75 acres and approximately 115 properties with a mix of commercial and residential along with many tracks of underutilized land.
The purpose and effect of the Tecumseh Road Main Street CIP is to establish a community developed vision and provide a means for planning and promoting development activities to effectively use lands, buildings, and facilities to bring about revitalization and encourage both private and public investment in the CIP Area.  This area aspires to serve as Tecumseh’s “downtown” or “main street” by becoming an important focal point in the community through the provision of a wide range of commercial services, mixed use (residential and commercial) development and unique amenities in a vibrant and walkable environment.  To help achieve this vision, the CIP provides for a range of financial incentive programs to registered owners and tenants of land and buildings within the CIP Area.  Please refer to attachments below for further information on the CIP's vision, design guidelines and financial incentives.

Map of Tecumseh Rd CIP area.  Bounded by City of Windsor to the west and VIA Railway to the East



" Tecumseh’s Main Street is a community place for commerce and gathering. Designed for walking and anchored by its historic buildings, the street is both a place to live and a regional destination. As the heart of the Tecumseh community, it is a gathering place with unique amenities and supported by great festivals and events. "

Interactive CIP Vision Rendering -  Click or tap on each icon for more information.
*All images are conceptual only

Concept plan of CIP area showing the 9 point vision plan


For further information on the Tecumseh Road Main Street CIP, please contact the Tecumseh Planning and Building Services Department at 519-735-2184, ext. 123.