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Welcome to the Tecumseh Parks and Recreation Department. 

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The Parks and Recreation Department is represented by the following Administration:

  • Paul Anthony,  Director, Parks and Recreation Services
  • Casey Colthurst, Manager, Parks/Horticulture
  • Kerri Rice, Manager, Recreation Programs/Events
  • Ray Hammond, Manager, Facilities

Tecumseh Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce that we are an "in motion" community.  Under the auspices of SWARG (South Western Area Recreational Guild), and with strong commitment from our local Health Unit we are following a comprehensive community-wide strategy to improve health through physical activity.  The Tecumseh Parks and Recreation staff are pleased to lead our community in this local health initiative.

Tecumseh Parks and Recreation offers the community a variety of leisure and recreation venues. The Department is committed to providing leisure opportunities to residents and visitors through programs, special events, facilities, parks and trails while supporting community partnerships and volunteers. In doing so, it is the Department’s goal to enhance quality of life and encourage the community to develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Parks Department provides residents and visitors with over 200 acres of green space and trails, including Lacasse Park, McAuliffe Park, Green Acres Park and Weston Park. The Department is responsible for providing safe, clean and presentable ground maintenance of its numerous sport fields, playgrounds, community and neighbourhood parks, urban forests and natural areas.

The Recreation office is located in Tecumseh Arena and is the key facilitator for community programming, special events, and seasonal sports. The Department works closely with community groups and volunteers to develop and plan for sustaining programs and events to enrich our community calendar, including the annual Tecumseh Corn Festival. The Department coordinates facility rentals for Tecumseh Arena, community rooms, sports fields, park pavilions and the Tecumseh Leisure Pool. The Department programs activities for residents including, skating, swimming and fitness.

More information may be found in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The Parks and Recreation Department is supported by:

Name Title Extension Number Select to contact by email
Paul Anthony Director Parks & Recreation Services 735-4756 x423
Casey Colthurst Manager Parks & Horticulture 735-2184 x146
Kerri Rice Manager Recreation Programs & Events 735-4756 x421
Ray Hammond Manager Facilities 735-4756 x426
Donna Ferris Secretary 735-4756 x425
Karen Silani Secretary 735-4756 x422