Financial Subsidy Programs

The Town of Tecumseh offers a financial subsidy for the installation of a backwater valve device on the internal plumbing system in existing homes in the Town of Tecumseh.

The subsidy consists of up to 80% of the total cost to install a backwater valve, to a maximum of $800 and is a proactive step in reducing the risk of basement flooding.

The Town’s Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy is available to Tecumseh residents who have no outstanding tax arrears and pass inspection.
The Town’s Foundation Drain Disconnection Subsidy is also still in effect, offering a financial subsidy to residents in Tecumseh to disconnect foundation drains from the sanitary sewer, up to 50% of the cost, $1,060 maximum.

For property owners applying for both subsidies, kindly ensure price quotes separate the costs for each individual service (i.e. Backwater Valve and/or Foundation Drain Disconnection) to calculate proper subsidy amounts.

Property Owner’s must:

  1. Submit application for the subsidy program.
  2. Have a subsidy approval inspection.
  3. Once inspection is completed and application is approved, acquire two price quotes and submit them to the Town Hall. (Note: for residents having the work done by a contractor, check contract details to determine if price includes building permit fees. If contractor is not acquiring building permit, property owner must obtain building permit for work.)
  4. Hire contractor and arrange for building inspection prior to completion of work.