High water bills?


Do you think your water bill is high? Did you know 90% of high water bills are due to toilet leaks?

Slow, silent drips of water can add up quickly. A toilet that continues to run can waste thousands of litres of water each year and can add up to $400 to a single water bill!

Sometimes you may have a leak and may not even know it.

Check to see if you have a toilet, or water leak:
1. Locate the water meter. Water meters have numbers or spinning dials which record water usage. Most also have a low-flow indicator (small red arrow or line), which senses any volume of water consumed. When water is running, the low-flow indictor should spin.
2. Turn off every item inside and outside the home or building that consumes water.
3. Check the meter. Watch the meter for a minute or more. If the low-flow indicator is moving, you have a leak.

water meter

If you find you have a leak please contact the Water Department at 519-735-2184 ext. 142.

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