Town of Tecumseh New Official Plan Process

Land use planning within the Town is currently governed by three separate Official Plans pertaining to the three former municipalities (the Town of Tecumseh, the Village of St. Clair Beach and the Township of Sandwich South) that amalgamated in 1999 to form the current Town of Tecumseh. These Official Plans reflect the land use objectives of their respective former municipalities. Many of the policies are dated and, in some cases, are no longer relevant. A new, town-wide Official Plan is needed to articulate a clear, cohesive vision for the amalgamated Town. This vision should include the creation of a land use policy framework that guides community decisions based on a philosophy of healthy, liveable and sustainable communities.

As part of the development of the Town's new Official Plan, Council received and endorsed a report entitled "Tecumseh 2030, New Official Plan Process: Planning Context and Issues Report".  This report, along with the subsequently approved 11 discussion papers will form the basis for and guide policy development in the Town's future new Official Plan. 

The following series of discussion papers form the background and basis for the new Official Plan and are available for review:

Growth Management/Structure Plan
Agricultural and Rural Issues
Community Improvement Planning (CIP)
Urban Design
Natural Heritage Features
Commercial Development
Housing and Residential Intensification
Employment Lands
Parks and Recreation

The discussion papers and the future public consultation process will provide the basis for and guide the development of the new Official Plan.  The resulting Official Plan will be a combination of policy direction from the top-down (Province/County) and local input from the ground-up, identifying the challenges, opportunities and goals for the Town over the 20-year planning horizon.

Contact us to provide your comments regarding the new Official Plan process or request notification of upcoming public consultation events regarding the new Official Plan.