Urban areas provide excellent habitats for wildlife like rats and raccoons to survive and thrive. Many of these pests are active at night and generally avoid contact with people.


RatThe fact sheet - Pest Control - Dealing with Rodents will help you reduce pests on your property.

If the matter is a property standards situation (see Property Standards By-Law), please contact the Town to have the issue logged and investigated. For more information on how to control pests, visit our Garbage and Recycling page.


Pilot Rat Abatement Program for Residential Properties

The Town of Tecumseh’s (Town) Pilot Rat Abatement Program for Residential Properties provides a rebate up to 50% of $360 to residential property owners to assist with the cost of utilizing a licensed pest control company to assist with removing rats from outside their residential property. Any additional costs of the services performed or any ongoing rat control services beyond the rebate amount is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

To find out more information and to make application for the pilot program, submit the online form below.

Residential Rat Control Rebate Program Intake Form