Tecumseh Speed Test

The Tecumseh Rural Broadband Advisory Committee needs your help!  To assist with identifying areas in Tecumseh with poor internet connectivity, we ask that all residents and businesses conduct an online speed test.

Be sure to enter your exact location by moving the location marker on the map and filling out your internet service provider information.

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Tecumseh Rural Broadband Advisory Committee

The Town of Tecumseh formed a Rural Broadband Advisory Committee and the inaugural meeting was held on July 14, 2021.  For "Broadband Connectivity" the minimum accepted standard for transmission speeds is 50/10 (50 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload)  There are areas in the urban sections of the Town that meet or exceed these speeds with multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider) options compared to minimal or no reliable options in the rural areas.

The need for broadband connectivity has been increasing in the last 20 years and became more important than ever in 2020 for such things as education, teleworkers, access to e-health services and commerce.

 Committee Mandate
 The mandate of this Committee includes the following:
  • Identify broadband and internet initiatives;
  • Champion high-speed connectivity across the Town;
  • Interface with and consult with stakeholders;
  • Provide feedback and input into policy development, as required;
  • Encourage investments that will provide higher connectivity speeds within the Town of Tecumseh;
  • Create an environment that facilitates open, competitive and innovative services and applications;
  • Maximize the efficient investment of both public and private sector funding to improve connectivity throughout the Town of Tecumseh.
  • Develop tools to assist with attraction of broadband infrastructure investments.
  • Work with local municipal partners, schools and health sector throughout Tecumseh to improve research, innovation and education capabilities in the town.
  • Engage public and private sector stakeholders to investigate opportunities for partnerships that promote Broadband development and access for residents, businesses and institutions.
  • Investigate infrastructure investment priorities.
  • Review and refine specific goals, outcomes and timelines for short-term and medium-term priorities.
Committee Objectives

The objectives of this committee would include: 

  • Develop a program to help solve Tecumseh ratepayer connectivity challenges; 
  • Facilitate and enable stakeholder engagement and consultation sessions. Ensure the engagement and creation of opportunities for involvement of residents, stakeholders and businesses across Tecumseh;
  • Work in collaboration with staff and Council in developing possible solutions and programs to support enhanced connectivity in Tecumseh;
  • Develop a plan for implementing the goals and directions recommended by the Committee, including metrics and deliverables.
Committee Members

Councillor Brian Houston (Chairperson)

Councillor Tania Jobin (Vice-Chairperson)

Mayor Gary McNamara

Nicole Colenutt

Aldo DiNardo

Darrin Drouillard

Dan Grosu