Wifi road sign


The Town of Tecumseh is seeking four community members for a Rural Broadband Advisory Committee (Committee) approved at the Regular Meeting of Council on April 27, 2021. Applications are available now with a deadline of Thursday, May 27, 2021. Applications will be considered for Committee members appointments at a Special Meeting of Council on June 8.

“Over the last year, across North America, we saw just how important strong virtual connections are,” said Gary McNamara, Mayor of Tecumseh. “Despite the efforts of a number of service providers to connect areas of Town, we still have limited connectivity in rural areas. We hope that this Committee will assist Council in lobbying for better service in rural areas within Tecumseh.”

The need for broadband connectivity has been increasing in the last 20 years and became more important than ever in 2020. In recent years there have been improvements to internet service however, there are still many areas of Tecumseh that are underserved. The Town’s Strategic Plan includes an endorsement to advocate for broadband connectivity in areas of the municipality that are currently underserved.

The Committee will provide recommendations, advice and information to Council on matters related to broadband connectivity issues with the opportunity to enhance and augment any studies or proposals now and in the future. The Committee will work in collaboration with Council and Administration on developing a plan to identify possible solutions and programs to support enhanced connectivity in the Town.  

The term of the Committee Members’ appointments will coincide with the term of Council. Four at-large members, representative of resident, business and the community, are being sought. The Committee will meet at least quarterly with meetings conducted virtually where required. 


Program Contact: Shaun Fuerth, Director Information and Communications Services, 519-735-2184 Ext. 108