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Council Connect: Highlights from the April 26, 2022 meetings of Council

Tecumseh Town Council met electronically this evening and here are the highlights:

Public Council Meetings

New Bridge Over Lachance Drain Proposed: Council will sit as the Court of Revision on May 24, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. to hear from affected landowners about the costs of constructing a bridge over the Lachance Drain to allow access to a recently severed property. The owner of Part Lot 148, Concession 3 will be assessed the full cost of installing an access culvert and adding a lawn enclosure, according to the provisional by-law given first and second reading by Council following a hearing on Tuesday. The estimated cost is $56,350 plus applicable taxes, says the drainage report prepared by Dillon Consulting. The affected property is on the south side of the drain just west of Shawnee Road. As this was Tecumseh drainage engineer Sam Paglia’s final meeting, he was congratulated and thanked for his years of service to the Town in a most professional and inclusionary manner.

Compensation Policy Updated: The Personnel Committee of Council approved updates to the Town’s Compensation and Salary Administration Policy. The changes address recommendations made in the 2021 Compensation Review Report. The policy includes the Town’s compensation philosophy and establishes that salaries are aligned with the 60th percentile of comparator organizations. The Town’s compensation structures are to be reviewed every three to five years. As well, job titles and levels of all non-union job classifications have been updated.

Regular Meeting of Council

Awards Presented: The following volunteer awards announced this week were presented to the recipients at the start of the Council meeting: the Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award to Anita Imperioli; the Donald ‘Donny’ Massender Memorial Volunteer Award to Edward Janisse; the Youth of the Year Award for 2022 to Jocelyn Adams and for 2021 to Teanna Kavanagh; and the Senior of the Year Award to Lynda Lacombe.

Pathway to Potential Program Continuing: A program that assists low-income families to take part in recreation programs will continue under a service agreement between the Town and the City of Windsor. The city, which administers the Pathway to Potential program, has confirmed Tecumseh will receive $50,000 this year. The Town has participated in the Pathway to Potential program and its predecessor since 2013. In 2019, funding from the program allowed the Town to assist 167 residents to participate in 166 programs, including skating, soccer, art, hockey, swimming, dance, Girl Guides, gymnastics, karate, Life After Fifty, Zumba and day camp.

Town to Cover Enhanced Policing for Fireworks: The Town will cover the estimated $1,500 to provide enhanced OPP service during the 43rd annual Victoria Day Fireworks being put on by the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach. Following incidents of aggressive behaviour at the 2019 fireworks, the Town, club and OPP developed strategies to improve safety and security. This year’s event is the first since the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be held at Optimist Park on May 21, or May 22 if it rains.

Taste of Tecumseh Gets Necessary Approvals: Council authorized the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach to sell and serve alcohol during the Taste of Tecumseh Festival on June 17-18 at Lakewood Park. It also granted the event relief from the Town’s Noise By-law from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. each day to allow for musical entertainment and event announcements.

Multi-unit Housing Project Approved: A by-law changing the zoning of land on the southwest corner of Lesperance Road and Arbour Street to allow a multi-unit residential project was approved by Council. The rezoning from Residential Zone R2 and Zone R2-25 to site-specific Residential Zone R3-21 is required for the proposed construction of three 2.5-storey buildings, which will each contain six dwelling units. The parcel is owned by Deerbrook Andrew J. Smith Real Estate Inc. and 2312205 Ontario Limited, and currently consists of three separate properties. The redevelopment of the parcel will include on-site parking and landscaping. A report to Council addresses concerns raised by neighbours.

Additional Residential Unit Proposed for Riverside Drive Property: Council will hold a public meeting on May 24, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. to get input about a proposal to rezone 12322 Riverside Drive to allow the existing garage to be converted to a stand-alone residential unit. The residential property is located on Lake St. Clair just east of Lesperance Road. The garage is between the main dwelling and Riverside Drive. The application meets the requirements for an additional residential unit.

Rezoning of Agricultural Land Subject of Meeting: An application to rezone severed agricultural lands on Holden Road will be the subject of a public meeting on May 24, 2022, at 6 p.m. The Committee of Adjustment has approved the severance of a 0.55-hectare residential lot at 6780 Holden Road. The approval is subject to zoning changes that allow for the slightly oversized residential lot and prohibit the construction of a residence on the remaining 20.13-hectare parcel of agricultural land.

Housing By-law Renewed: Council has renewed its Municipal Housing Facilities By-law after a review involving City of Windsor Housing and Children Services revealed no changes are required. The review confirmed the by-law complies with the 2021 rental housing component of the Ontario Priorities Housing Initiatives program, which protects affordability for households in social housing, supports the repair and renewal of existing social housing supply, and facilitates the expansion of the supply of community housing over time.

Town Reaping Benefits of Main Street CIP: Council has directed administration to report back on changing grant criteria in the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan (CIP) area to increase affordable housing. In the six years since it was launched, the CIP and its associated grant programs have spurred development, revitalization and intensification in Tecumseh’s downtown. In the last six years, assessment in the CIP area has grown 45.65 per cent, compared to 22.65 per cent for the entire Town. To date, 51 grants have been awarded for 23 properties in the CIP area. A total of just over $1 million has been distributed for such things as façade improvements, development charges, and planning, design and architectural work. Another $1.7 million has been committed to deferring taxes on four properties over five years through the CIP’s Building and Property and Improvement Grant. This will create 311 residential units in the downtown. However, changes to the Town’s Official Plan supporting higher density housing, rising housing prices and the success of the CIP so far mean that the current “for-profit” version of the Building and Property and Improvement Grant is no longer warranted, says a report to Council. No more applications for the current version of the grant are being accepted.

Lachance Drain Repairs Requested: A Tecumseh Council representative will sit on the Court of Revision in Windsor to hear appeals related to a report recommending realignment of the Lachance Drain. Pointe East Windsor Ltd. asked the city to make repairs and improvements to the drain to accommodate a proposed new development along the border with the Town.

Committee Raising Awareness of National AccessAbility Week: The Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee is working with the Town to raise awareness of National AccessAbility Week, May 29 to June 4. The week’s designation was inspired by Rick Hansen’s Man In Motion World Tour. It celebrates Canadians with disabilities and raises awareness of the critical need for accessibility and inclusion for all communities and workplaces.

Cunningham Drain Improvements Requested: Dillon Consulting Ltd. has been appointed to prepare a report on Cunningham Drain. The Town received a Notice of Request for Drain Improvements on Feb. 3, 2022. The Cunningham Drain, which flows into the Pike Creek Drain, is located on the south side of County Road 34 and its upper limit is on the north side of Highway 3.

Drinking Water System Revision Approved: Council approved revisions to the Town’s Distribution System, Drinking Water Quality Management System Operational Plan. The plan must be reviewed and updated annually. The changes approved Tuesday are the result of legislative and regulatory changes, a risk assessment review and recommendations from the Town’s management committee.

Petition Submitted for Drainage Works Along Shields Street: Council has appointed Dillion Consulting Ltd. to prepare a report on the need for drainage works along Shields Street and adjacent lands, which include Tecumseh Vista Academy. Currently, the area is serviced by a private stormwater pump station that discharges into a private drainage ditch emptying into the Desjardin Drain. Town Public Works staff have gone to the site during recent rain events and found water ponding on Shields Street, says a report to Council. Flooding has also occurred on the school property.

Asphalt Paving Tender Awarded: Coco Paving Inc. has been awarded the contract for the Town’s 2022 asphalt paving program at a cost of $997,750 plus HST. It submitted the lowest of two bids. The work includes paving sections of eight roads.

Tar and Chip Tender Awarded: Shepley Road Maintenance Ltd. has been awarded the contract to complete the Town’s 2022 tar and chip program at a cost of $209,690 plus HST.

Sanctions Against Russia Supported: Council endorsed a resolution by the Town of Gravenhurst denouncing “Russia's unjustifiable war against Ukraine” and supporting sanctions imposed by the federal government to date.

Next Regular Meeting: Council will hold a special meeting about strategic priorities on May 5, 2022. The next regular meeting of Council is May 10, 2022. The meeting is scheduled to be held electronically.