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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Council Connect: Highlights from November 22, 2022 meetings of Council

Tecumseh Town Council met this evening and here are the highlights:

Special Meeting of Council

Council and Administration received Cyber Security Awareness training from Frank Fazio, President CySat.  This informative session highlighted current challenges related to Cyber Security in municipalities and outlined ways to mitigate a security breach in an organization.

Regular Meeting of Council

CRS-2022-15 Recreation Programs and Special Events 2023: Council received a report that details the programs and events Community & Recreation Services plans to offer the community in 2023. These plans include enhancements to Canada Day, Tecumseh Twilight, the End of Summer Celebration and Christmas in Tecumseh as well as weekly recreation programs offered in the Winter and Fall seasons. Discussions are taking place for a re-imagined Corn Festival led by the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach. Further, expenditures associated with enhanced and new programs and events will be presented as part of the operational budget presentation during the 2023 budget deliberation process.  

CRS- 2022- 16 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence L’Essor High School Agreement – Amendment: Administration and Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence L’Essor High School met to review the current terms of a pre-existing agreement that provides for the Town’s use of Soccer Fields on L’Essor High School grounds. The agreement was amended to add the South Field, as well as increasing the Insurance policy to $5,000,000. Council adopted the Amended License Agreement.

CS-2022-02 Emergency Management Appointments By-Law: Council received and adopted the Emergency Management Appointment bylaw. Previously, Council adopted by-law 2007-69 that established an emergency management program for the Town. Since then, several personnel in appointed positions have changed internally and in partnering agencies. To find a full list of newly appointed personnel under By-Law 2022-086, click here. Establishing an Emergency Management Program helps protect the Town of Tecumseh’s residents and helps to minimize the impact of an emergency by increasing the effectiveness of the response.

DS- 2022- 32 Zoning By-law Amendment 12106 Tecumseh Road: Council received a report that recommended a public meeting be scheduled on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 to change the zoning pertaining to a 0.35 hectare (0.87 acre) parcel of land located on the north side of Tecumseh Road, at its intersection with Poisson Street (12106 Tecumseh Road). They will be seeking to amend Zoning By-law 1746 by rezoning the subject land from “General Commercial Zone (C3)” to a site-specific “General Commercial Zone (C3-17)” to permit the construction of a 5-storey, 40-unit, mixed-use commercial/residential development.

DS-2022-44 Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act Summary Report: Council received the report outlining Bill 23 – More Homes Built Faster Act. This report summarizes the changes that will have an impact on the Town, including planning processes, reductions in municipal Development Charge (DC) revenues and associated increases in taxes/rates, increased demands on staff and potential need for specialized services. Council approved the recommendation for this Report be submitted to the Province through the Environmental Registry of Ontario as comments from the Town of Tecumseh on Bill 23 as well as to prepare a letter to MPP Andrew Dowie to represent the Town’s comments with the appropriate Provincial Ministers.

DS-2022-45 Building Services Operational Review November 2022: Due to retirements, the high volume of inspections, and on-going construction through the Town of Tecumseh, Administration proposed a Building Services Operational Review which outlines the ability for Building Services to meet legislated requirements and adequate customer service standards and to prepare for anticipated growth in the Town.  Council approved in principle the Operational Review recommendations and referred the proposed program changes to 2023 budget deliberations.

DS-2022-46 Tecumseh-Lakeshore Shared Commercial Economic Development Strategy – 2023 Implementation Program: Council received the Tecumseh-Lakeshore Shared Commercial Economic Development Strategy, which sets out the goal of a harmonized economic development program for the Tecumseh and Lakeshore Study Area that focuses on the sustainability and growth of the three commercial districts. Planned implementation measures for 2023 were presented to Council and the proposed budget impact was referred to 2023 budget deliberations.

FS- 2022- 10 Essex Powerlines Corporation Long-Term Financing Agreement Renewal: Council received and adopted the renewal of the by-law authorizing the Mayor and the Clerk to execute a long-term financing agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Essex Powerlines Corporation (EPL). The current long-term financing agreement authorized by By-law 2018-01 expires December 31, 2022. The agreement was renewed for a further five-year term at an interest rate of 4.0%.

FS- 2022- 11 2021 Annual Report on Investment and Cash Management: Council received the report that outlines a management summary and provides an analysis of the status of the current investment portfolio and transactions made over the last year. The report included a listing of individual securities held at the end of the reporting period, listing of investment by maturity date, percentage of the total portfolio which each type of investment represents, average weighted yield to maturity on investments and a statement by the Director Financial Services & Treasurer confirming all investments were made in accordance with the investment policies and goals adopted by the Town.

FS-2022-12 Budget Variance Report: Council received the August 2022 Budget Variance Report, showing a projected year-end surplus in the Operating budget of $418,781. Made up of a tax-supported surplus of $483,000 and a rate-supported deficit of $64,000. Key drivers of the projected surplus includes: surplus grant revenue, a deficit in user fees/permits and charges, a surplus in salaries and benefits, a deficit in operating and maintenance supplies and a reduction in net transfers to/from reserves.

LCS- 2022- 34 Appointment of an Alternate Member to Essex County Council: Council received and approved an amended policy for the appointment of an Alternate Member to County Council for the term 2022-2026. Concurrently, the appointment was made and Councillor Brian Houston will serve as an alternate member to Essex County Council for the 2022-2026 term.

LCS- 2022- 35 2022 Municipal and School Board Election Results and Voter Turnout: Council received the report outlining the success of the voters’ list, voter information centres and voter information letters. The Tecumseh 2022 Municipal and School Board Election had a voter turnout of 28.72%, resulting in 5,646 ballots being cast. The low turnout may be attributed to the Town having three positions which were acclaimed: the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillor Ward 4. Overall, the turnout in the municipal election was down, with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario reporting a 33% voter turnout compared to 38% voter turnout in 2018.

LCS- 2022- 36 Accessibility Report: 2022 Municipal and School Board Election: Council received the report entitled Accessibility Report: 2022 Municipal and School Board Election, which outlines the steps taken to ensure an accessible election, including the use of internet and phone voting, voter information centres, accessible documents and materials, clear and concise communication and information and the use of Town Hall as a hub for information and questions. The report will be posted on the Town’s website for public access.

PWES-2022-41 Upper Little River Watershed Drainage and Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment: Council endorsed the the issuance of a notice of study by Essex Region Conservation Authority for the Upper Little River Watershed Drainage and Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment (ULREA) to commence the 30-day review period. The study, which began in 2004 to define the future stormwater management corridors that would be used to support future development of the Sandwich South lands, is completed, and will be brought forward by Administration with a separate report to Council to have the ULREA formally adopted once the review period has concluded.

PWES- 2022- 43 Transfer of License Agreement on Title to Lands at 5220 and 5250 Outer Drive and 5245 Burke Street: Council received the report outlining the transfer of the License Agreement between the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Moldplas Inc. and Build-A-Mold Limited to The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Nobel REIT Limited Partnership by its general partner Nobel REIT GP Inc. to reflect the new property ownership. The purpose of the License Agreement is to provide access across Outer Drive for the installation of a private watermain from 5250 and 5220 Outer Drive to 5265 Outer Drive, which was originally required to install a sprinkler system for fire safety in a warehouse built in 2003.

Next Regular Meeting: The next regular meeting of Council is December 13, 2022. The meeting is scheduled to be held electronically. The agenda and livestream will be available on the Town’s website. Follow the Town of Tecumseh on Facebook and Twitter for news and the latest information.