May 11 is the Provincial Day of Action on Litter, and we encourage you to #leavenotracebehind when visiting natural spaces in the #PlaceForLife. Litter along shorelines, in green spaces and in the community generally can spill into our waterways and break down into micro-plastics in the environment, which can hurt or even kill wildlife and damage ecosystems. It is estimated that almost 10,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste enters our lakes and rivers each year from Canada and the United States. Also, microplastics (plastics that are smaller than 5mm) are found in some areas of the Great Lakes in concentrations greater than those reported in oceans.

On #actONlitter Day, please remember that your actions matter! To find out more about what you can to reduce waste and what the province is doing, visit:  Province of Ontario Act on Litter Page  and watch this short video created by the Essex Region Conservation Authority.