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2019 was a year of high lake level warnings and 2020 levels are shaping up to be higher. The Town of Tecumseh is preparing for the potential of flooding from these levels in Lake St. Clair and Pike Creek and is encouraging residents along the shoreline to take appropriate action to reinforce their waterfront property. The potential for, and extent of, lake induced flooding in Town is entirely dependent on lake levels, wind direction and duration and rainfall. A strong north/northeast wind over several hours could push water up and over the shoreline.

“In our meetings with the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) we have been warned that lake levels are 17 inches higher than they were last year at this time and that’s before the winter thaw and release from Lake Superior this spring,” said Gary McNamara, Mayor of Tecumseh. “We are preparing Town properties for a breach of the shoreline and strongly encourage our waterfront property owners to do the same.”

The Town conducted shoreline survey work in May 2019 to identify low lying areas where water may have the potential to breach the shore and flood further inland into Town. To mitigate overland flooding in these areas, Public Works crews distributed filled sandbags to property owners identified as low lying. Critical infrastructure such as pump stations and Town facilities were also protected with earth works and sandbags. The Town will be following up with impacted owners along the shoreline to re-assess and provide additional sandbags where warranted.

Last year the Town offered 100 free sandbags to all owners along the shores of Lake St. Clair and Pike Creek with free sand being available at Lakewood Park. This year the Town is offering an additional 100 bags to those who received them and 200 bags to those who did not take advantage of this offer. Sandbags are used to  mitigate flooding but are viewed as a temporary measure and will not protect against winds and wave action.

“Our Flood Response Team has been meeting regularly over the winter to identify ways to address potential effects of high lake levels,” said Marg Misek-Evans, Chief Administrative Officer. “This work also includes public education on when and how to prepare for an evacuation.”

Full details on potential lake flooding is available on the Town website at A direct link to register for Emergency Alert notifications is at the top of the page, residents should register for direct notification in the event of lake flooding. The Town has also created an evacuation assistance list and encourages anyone who needs assistance in the event of an evacuation, or those who have a family member that will require assistance, to contact 519-735-2184 Ext. 101 or 109 to register for this assistance.

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Program Contact: Phil Bartnik, Director Public Works and Environmental Services, 519-735-2184 Ext. 148ok