Council standing in front of new high water rescure vehicle

Tecumseh Putting High-Water Rescue Vehicle into Service

Rising water levels in the Great Lakes increase the risk of overland flooding in Tecumseh and elsewhere in Essex County. With the potential for significant flooding in Tecumseh, Town Council and Administration have taken steps to reduce the risk and increase the response capabilities of emergency personnel during a flood event.
This includes the Town’s recent purchase of a high-water rescue vehicle that was unveiled today by Tecumseh Fire/Rescue. Formally known as Support 2, the vehicle is the first in the region capable of providing emergency access to significantly flooded areas.
Support 2 has the ability to traverse safely through standing water just over 1.2 metres deep. It has seating for 12 evacuees; a lift gate for evacuee access and room for mobility devices. As Tecumseh is a participant in the mutual aid program, Support 2 will also be available to assist neighbouring emergency service agencies.
In addition to high-water rescue, Support 2’s off-road capabilities make it useful for fighting field fires. It will be outfitted with a pump and water tank for this purpose.
“We are grateful to be able to provide an extra level of safety to our residents,” said Fire Chief Wade Bondy. “This vehicle gives our emergency service team even greater rescue capabilities, providing residents an added level of assurance.”
“The Town is taking measures to reduce the impact of flooding, and we are also preparing for the impacts of severe weather and rising water levels,” said Mayor Gary McNamara. “Having a high-water rescue vehicle in our tool kit helps our staff prepare to keep our residents safe. Chief Bondy and his team have done an outstanding job of researching the options and finding the best vehicle for the job.”