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Tecumseh Town Hall Renovation Set to Begin

Big changes are coming to Tecumseh Town Hall following Council’s approval of the approximately $3 million renovation of the building at 917 Lesperance Road. Beginning Monday, December 2, 2019, Elmara Construction will start preparatory work within the footprint of the property. This preparatory work includes tree removal, site set-up, fencing at the back of Town Hall and moving the temporary construction trailer currently in the parking lot.

“I’m excited and I know our staff is excited to see more room and improvements to the building,” said Gary McNamara, Mayor of Tecumseh. “When the building was expanded in 2005 we knew it had a life span of 10 years. Almost fifteen years later we have reached maximum capacity and my Council colleagues and I agreed we needed to expand and improve the building for our residents and staff.”

Renovations will not only see additional space for staff but also an expansion to Council chambers, a self serve kiosk in the new lobby, an upgraded Building Maintenance System for energy efficiency, and green improvements like better use of natural light. Council chambers will also have cameras and audio installed to begin live streaming of Council meetings next year.

“We are looking forward to the start of the project next week,” Marg Misek-Evans, Chief Administrative Officer “Progress will depend on weather but the project is expected to take 8 to 10 months. Town business will carry on during that time with temporary accommodations made for some staff and meetings. Any changes to meeting venues will be advertised. We look forward to working with Elmara to get started. “

The temporary trailer currently located in the parking lot will be moved west of the existing trail off McNorton Street for construction use and the parking lot entrance off McNorton will be fenced off for materials delivery and construction off the back of Town Hall. Preparatory work will include temporary relocation of customer service staff from the front entrance off Lesperance Drive to Council Chambers. Public parking will be provided on the north end of the building off McNorton Street.

The December 10, 2019 meetings of Council will be held at Town Hall. Full details on changes to public access to Town Hall and upcoming meetings will be shared as they are known. Construction work is weather permitting and the Town appreciates the patience and understanding from local residents and members of the public accessing Town Hall as it progresses.

Media Contact: Lesley Reeves, Manager Strategic Initiatives

519-735-2184 Ext. 150