Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service provides emergency response to all calls for service including firefighting, rescue, emergency medical intervention (including defibrillation), vehicle extrication and shore-based water rescue.  The department services a population of approximately 24,000 providing fire and emergency medical coverage to a 95 square kilometer area and responds to approximately 400 calls per year.

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The Fire Department is a volunteer fire service operating out of two stations, each with a complement of 21 volunteer firefighters with various apparatus.

Station 1 is located at 985 Lesperance,

Station 1 map


Rescue 1 a 2008 Smeal 1050 w/1000 gal tank/AB foam/command lighting/holmatro extrication.

Engine 1 a 2018 Spartan/Fort Gary w/700 gal tank and various medical, rescue and extrication equipment.

Truck 1 a 2002 Sutphen 1250 gpm Waterous pump 70 foot quint/aerial platform, Foam-Pro Proportioner all-around.

 while Station 2 is located at 5520 Walker Road.

Station 2 map

Engine 2 is a 2010 Smeal 1050 gpm Waterous Eclipse CAFS Engine with a 1000 gallon water tank. Engine 2 is identical to Engine 1 except that it has the additional benefits of an Advantis 6 - 200 cfm compressed air foam system.  A four point 9000 pound winch, and a portable Holmatro 10,000 psi extrication system have also been added. 

The Compressed Air Foam System's advantages effectively extend Engine 2's water supply/fire suppression capability by approximately 500% providing almost 30 minutes application of Class A compressed air foam. The addition of Holmatro extrication equipment and a heavy winch now provides this engine with a complete vehicle extrication capability, similar to the department's other engine and rescue companies.  

Rescue 2 is a 2006 Rosenbauer Engine/Rescue/Tanker with a rear-mount 1050 gpm Waterous pump, Foam-Pro all-around, 1000 gallons of water and 80 gallons of AAAF. A 4-head Command light and Hurst Dual-head extrication capability complete the unit.

Squad 2 is a 2008 Ford V-10 equipped (4x4) F-250 Brush truck w/100 gallon of water/foam concentrate. The truck is modular in design and has multiple slide-on containers that can carry additional equipment for air supply, extrication cribbing and extrication equipment. Squad 2 is the first response vehicle for emergency medical calls and, like all Tecumseh Fire Units, defibrillator and first aid equipped.

Support 2 is a high water flood rescue vehicle with the ability to traverse safely through a depth of standing water of just over 12 meters and includes seating for 12 evacuees.  A lift gate for evacuee access and room for mobility devices.  As Tecumseh is a participant in the mutual aid program, Support 2 will also be available to assist neighboring emergency service agencies.

In addition to high-water rescue, Support 2 is outfitted with a pump and water tank to assist in fighting field fires, to better take advantage of the off-road capabilities of the truck.