COVID-19 Update: The Windsor-Essex area will move into Stage 3 of the Provincial Framework for Reopening on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. This means Playgrounds, Play Structures, and Outdoor Exercise Equipment will be open for use. Modifications will also be implemented for outdoor recreational facilities already open to allow for expanded use including pickleball. Outdoor play equipment will not be sanitized and users are encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene, keep a physical distance of 2 metres (6 ft) and wear a mask or face covering when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Signage indicating Return to Play Recommendations will be posted at parks and facilities. 

Pickleball Return to Play Rules (Stage 3):

  • Do not play if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19; have been in contact with someone with COVID-19; are considered vulnerable or at risk
  • Doubles play is permitted. Partners must be from within the same 10-person social circle
  • Maximum of 20 people within the gated area
  • Keep your distance. Leave at least 2 metres of space between players at all times. Do not rotate ends
  • If courts are in use, please wait in your vehicles. Remember to limit your play when others are waiting.
  • Wash / sanitize your hands and equipment before and after using the courts
  • Bring your own equipment, water bottle(s), towel and hand sanitizer
  • Each player should bring different coloured balls to the court. Only pick up / touch your own colours; do not touch your opponent's colours
  • If you cough or sneeze do so in a tissue or in your sleeve. Consider wearing a mask.
  • Avoid touching all areas where the virus could survive. if you touch something, make sure to wash your hands and disinfect the surface you have touched.
  • Play safe and at your own risk.

Intro to the Tecumseh Picklelball Courts video

Key access is required to use the court for the season (April to November). A key purchase allows the purchaser (+ 1 guest opponent) access to the courts. Keys are not to be shared; the purchaser is to be present when accessing the courts. 

Individuals may purchase a key for $26.50 plus tax by registering at or calling the Tecumseh Parks and Recreation Office. All sales are final. No credits / refunds will be issued if courts are forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Players are encouraged to reserve court time using Playtime Scheduler. Court reservation rules are:

  • As there are only 4 courts available, a maximum of 4 reservations is allowed per hour
  • Reservations are to be scheduled to start on the hour
  • 1 hour reservation is 50 minutes of playtime to allow a 10 minute transition time.
  • Doubles reserving a 2 hour time-slot must book (2) two -1 hr sessions on Playtime Scheduler.
  • Players may reserve up to 6 hours per week of prime time hours (8 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM). 

Court location:
Shawanoe Park, 13158 St. Gregory Road

Court hours:
9:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Tecumseh Parks and Recreation

Phone: 519-735-4756

Email Us

Tecumseh Pickleball Association

The Tecumseh Pickleball Association is a local volunteer organization that advocates and promotes the sport of pickleball in the Town of Tecumseh. Membership with the TPA includes key access to the Tecumseh Pickleball Courts, Pickleball Canada Organization membership and insurance, and league & tournament play. For more information, visit the Tecumseh Pickleball Association website