COVID-19 Safety Warning: In accordance with public health guidelines, all individuals must stay within their social bubbles and maintain physical distancing (a minimum 2 metres distance) from others. The use of masks is mandatory for all patrons not on ice surface (once your helmet goes on your mask can come off; once your helmet is off your mask goes on). Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building. Dressing rooms will not be available. A skate tying area will be available for use. Each session has a maximum capacity and is first come, first serve. 

Prior to taking the ice, all participants must attend the administration office for payment and to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire.

The Tecumseh Arena offers a variety of public skating sessions for you to enjoy. 

Throughout the year, free public skating is offered to the community thanks to community sponsors and are listed on the Events Calendar

Public Skating Schedule - Cancelled until further notice

All dates and times are subject to change and/or cancellation. To view the daily arena ice schedule, visit

For all weekday public skating, please pay admission at the Recreation Office prior to taking to the ice. Admission for weekend public skating is collected at the rink entrance.

A Skate Pass for Weekday Public Skating is available for purchase at the Recreation Office and provides 11 skate admissions. Fees for a Weekday Skate Pass are:

Skate Pass Program Fee
Adult Skate $40
Parent and Tot $40
Open Skate $40

Admission is based on ice capacity and on-ice monitor ratios.

Helmets are recommended for all skaters. Helmets are required for all Shinney Hockey participants.

Public skating rules

  1. All skaters assume the inherent risks involved with skating, including injuries from collisions or contact with other skaters on the ice and injuries from falls
  2. Violent or abusive behaviours such as verbal threats and insults, attempts to intimidate as well as physical assault will not be tolerated
  3. Persons under the age of 12 years must be under the care and control of a person 18 years of age or older while participating in public skating
  4. All skaters must pay admission
  5. It is recommended that skaters wear a CSA approved helmet while on the ice
  6. No playing of games of any kind
  7. Skaters must skate with the flow. No erratic or excessive speed skating allowed
  8. You must be wearing skates to be on the ice
  9. No stopping along the boards
  10. No food, drink or gum chewing is allowed on the ice at any time
  11. No skating backwards or figure skating manoeuvres allowed
  12. All skaters must obey skate monitors at all times
  13. No balls, pucks, chairs, pylons, strollers, sticks permitted on the ice which may interfere with the safety of any skater on the ice surface
  14. Only Town provided skating aids are permitted on the ice in the designated area. Limited quantities available
  15. Hockey sticks and pucks are only permitted for Shinney Hockey
  16. No headsets, cell phones, or hand held electronic devices are to be used while skating
  17. No carrying of children
  18. Sitting on the rink boards is not allowed
  19. Tecumseh Arena reserves the right to remove any patrons for failure to comply with rules