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June is Recreation and Parks Month

Join Tecumseh Parks and Recreation for a month-long challenge with fun activities for the whole the family. Every time you complete a challenge, you earn points for a chance to win some great prizes thanks to Essex Power Youth In Community.

To participate in the challenges and to earn your points, download the GooseChase app. For instructions on how download the app, check out our video.

June is Recreation and Parks Month Daily Challenges

June is Recreation and Parks Month Daily Challenges Calendar

June 1 - Try holding a plank for 45 seconds

June 2 - Cook a healthy male with your family

June 3 - Join Trivia Night: Disney/Pixar at 5:00 p.m. on Zoom. Register at TecumsehRec.ca

June 4 - Have a family board game night

June 5 - Fly a kite at a local park

June 6 - Read a new book

June 7 - Plant a seed in your garden

June 8 - Do 20 push-ups

June 9 - Show us your favourite healthy snack

June 10 - Join Trivia Night: Random Facts at 5:00 p.m. on zoom. Register at TecumsehRec.ca

June 11 - Go on a nature walk with your family

June 12 - Use chalk to create a picture of message for your neighbours

June 13 - Ride your bike to a local park or trail

June 14 - Clean up garbage around your neighbourhood

June 15 - Family Challenge: Who can run to the nearest stop sign the fastest?

June 16 - Make a smoothie

June 17 - Join Trivia Night: Superheros at 5:00 p.m. on zoom. Register at TecumsehRec.ca

June 18 - Have a family movie night

June 19 - Add a rock to rock snake located at Lakewood Park beach

June 20 - Clean a room in your house

June 21 - Make a craft using only recycled materials

June 22 - Do 20 sit-ups

June 23 - Try a new food

June 24 - Join Trivia Night: Tecumseh at 5:00 p.m. on zoom. Register at TecumsehRec.ca

June 25 - Build a fort out of pillows and blankets

June 26 - Have a family picnic at a local park

June 27 - Try a puzzle independently or with family

June 28 - Catch and release 3 different types of bugs in your yard

June 29 - Family Challenge: Who can do the most jumping jacks?

June 30 - Decorate for Canada Day

For a complete list of available programs, visit TecumsehRec.ca.

Tecumseh Parks and Recreation offers direct programs and works in partnership with local sport organizations to provide residents and visitors of all ages with a variety of activities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for you to lead a healthy and active life.

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