The Tecumseh Leisure Pool is closed for the 2020 season.

The Tecumseh Leisure Pool offers a variety of Learn to Swim programs for all ages and skill levels. Classes are scheduled throughout the summer to accommodate even the busiest schedules. For a complete list of program sessions, lesson times and to register visit

Learn to swim program descriptions

Parent & Tot

Spend quality time with your child while you both have fun and socialize. Through structured in-water interaction between parent and child, the importance of play is emphasized while developing water-positive attitudes and skills. The certified instructors provide guidance and can respond to inquiries.

Preschool 1 - 5

Children 3 to 5 years of age develop an appreciation and healthy respect for the water while having fun and developing a foundation of water skills.

Preschool 1 – We encourage the parent to participate until their child lets them know they can do it themselves (thank you very much). These preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We will help them jump into chest deep water, float and glide on their front and back and learn to get their faces wet and blow bubbles underwater.

Preschool 2 – These preschoolers learn to jump into chest-deep water by themselves, and get in and get out wearing a lifejacket. They will submerge and exhale underwater. Wearing a lifejacket, they will glide on their front and back.

Preschool 3 – These youngsters will try both jumping and a sideways entry into deep water while wearing a lifejacket. They will recover objects from the bottom in waist-deep water. They will work on kicking and gliding through the water on their front and back.

Preschool 4 – Advanced preschoolers will learn to do solo jumps into deeper water and get out by themselves. They will do sideways entries and open their eyes underwater, and master a short swim on their front wearing a lifejacket.

Preschool 5 – These youngsters get more adventuresome with a forward roll entry wearing a lifejacket and treading water for 10 sec. They will work on front and back crawl swims for 5 m, interval training and get a giggle out of whip kick.

Swimmer 1 - 6

The Lifesaving Society's Swimmer Program ensures your child's continued development in learning to swim. Swimmer progressions accommodate children 5 to 12 years of age, including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics. LSS stresses plenty of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills and incorporates Lifesaving Society Water Smart® education in all swimmer levels. H4O Classes provide swimmers with lower ratio classes. Swimmers learn the same skills for the swim level but in smaller group settings. One instructor with a maximum of 4 swimmers.

Swimmer 1 – These beginners will become comfortable jumping into water with and without a lifejacket. They will learn to open their eyes, exhale and hold their breath underwater. They will work on floats, glides and kicking through the water on their front and back.

Swimmer 2 – These advanced beginners will jump into deeper water, and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a lifejacket. They will be able to support themselves at the surface without an aid, learn whip kick, swim 10 m on their front and back, and be introduced to flutter kick interval training.

Swimmer 3 – These junior swimmers will dive and do in-water front somersaults and handstands. They will work on 15 m of front crawl, back crawl and 10 m of whip kick. Flutter kick interval training increases to 4 x 15 m

Swimmer 4 – These intermediate swimmers will swim 5 m underwater and lengths of front, back crawl, whip kick, and breaststroke arms with breathing. Their new bag of tricks includes the completion of the Canadian Swim to Survive® Standard. They will cap it all off with front crawl sprints over 25 m and 4 x 25 m front or back crawl interval training.

Swimmer 5 – Swimmers will master shallow dives, cannonball entries, eggbeater kicks, and in-water backward somersaults. They will refine their front and back crawl. Then they will pick up the pace in 25 m sprints and two interval training bouts: 4 x 50 m front or back crawl; and 4 x 15 m breaststroke.

Swimmer 6 – These advanced swimmers will rise to the challenge of sophisticated aquatic skills including stride entries, compact jumps and lifesaving kicks like eggbeater and scissor kick. They will develop strength and power in head-up breaststroke sprints. They will easily swim lengths of front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke.

Canadian Swim Patrol – Rookie, Ranger, Star

The Canadian Swim Patrol program is the on-ramp to lifeguarding. Ability is the only prerequisite. The Swim Patrol provides enriched training for those who are ready to go beyond learn-to-swim. Swim Patrol's three levels - Rookie, Ranger, and Star - continue to develop participants' swim strokes and provide the skill foundation that prepares them for success in the Society's Bronze medal awards.

Rookie/Ranger Patrol – Swimmers continue the stroke development of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. They will also focus on first aid, fitness and the development of strong lifesaving foundation.

Star Patrol – Swimmer will have their strokes refined and will be further challenged by workouts, timed swims and object carries. Continued focus on First aid and Lifesaving skills.

Swim Team

The Tecumseh Torpedoes is a recreational swim team that practices all summer long and is geared at stroke technique, building endurance, and providing a fun learning environment. The team participates in swim meets throughout Essex County during the summer season and provides a great way to stay healthy and in shape. Prerequisite: 5 years of age and able to swim the length of the pool unassisted.

Adult Swim Lessons

The perfect program for beginners who may be just starting out or swimmers who want help with their strokes. Participants set their own goals to develop water confidence and smooth recognizable strokes. Targeted Water Smart® drowning prevention messages are an integral part of the Swim for Life® program. Instructors are prepared to accommodate the needs of adult learners and provide the flexibility for the participant to select the skills they want to learn to achieve their personal swimming goals.

Bronze Star

The Bronze Star program is for students who wish to prepare for future lifesaving training. Participants learn problem solving and decision-making skills, lifesaving skills, how to work independently, and within a group environment. Prerequisite: Swim Patrol Experience Recommended.

Bronze Medallion with Emergency First Aid and CPR-B

Bronze Medallion develops fitness, decision making and judgement skills in preparation for challenging rescues of increased risk. Prerequisite: 13 years of age or have passed Bronze Star.

Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers that want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities, the difference between lifesaving and lifeguarding, and the principles of emergency procedures. Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion, Emergency First Aid.

National Lifeguard with Standard First Aid/CPR-C/AED

National Lifeguard is a key qualification in the Lifesaving Society's program. Once a student earns a National Lifeguard certification, he or she is legally recognized and employable in a lifeguarding position. Teamwork, leadership, communication and a high level of physical fitness are emphasized. Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Emergency First Aid with CPR-B, and 16 years of age.

Assistant Instructor

Through classroom learning and in-water practice, the Lifesaving Society Assistant Instructor course prepares candidates to help instructors with swimming and lifesaving classes. Candidates are introduced to key principles of learning and teaching while they master basic progressions. The roles and responsibilities of instructors and their assistants are emphasized. This is the perfect class for those that have an interest in pursuing employment opportunities in the aquatic field as a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor.

Instructor School

The Lifesaving Society Instructor School focuses on preparing the instructor to teach and evaluate basic swim strokes and related skills, and to certify candidates in Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Awards, and Fitness. Candidates acquire proven teaching methods, a variety of stroke development drills and corrections techniques. Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate responsibility and a high level of leadership qualities. Course includes Lifesaving Instructors & Swim Instructors.

Prerequisites: Bronze Cross or NLS certification and 16 years of age.

Private swim lessons

Private lessons are an excellent way to obtain one on one time with a certified swim instructor. This teaching environment can be more beneficial to meet the needs of some individuals. Lessons are scheduled in 30-minute time-blocks. Semi-private lessons, for up to 3 swimmers are also available for those participants within one level of each other. Call 519-735-4756 ext. 460 for more information.

# of SwimmersFee

1 Swimmer


2 Swimmers

$14 per swimmer

3 Swimmers

$10 per swimmer

Class ratios

Class RatioInstructor / Participant

Parent and Tot 1/2/3


Preschool 1 to 5


Swimmer 1 & 2


Swimmer 3 & 4


Swimmer 5 & 6


Swimmer H4O


Adult 1


Adult 2 & 3


Canadian Swim Patrol


Leadership Training


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