Administration and Departments


Tecumseh's Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for:

  • Administration and management of the business affairs of the municipal corporation
  • Efficient and effective administration of municipal departments and staff
  • Advising the Mayor and Council on town business matters
  • Liaison with all orders of government, local boards, commissions and agencies
  • Policy development & administration of corporate directives as approved by Council
  • Development of sound business plans to support service levels and fiscal responsibility
  • Ensuring focus on quality customer service in the delivery of programs & services
  • Fostering a strong, effective municipal administration through continuous improvement to support the timely implementation of council initiatives

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Financial Services

  • Managing the Town's finances in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner
  • Development of long range financial plans, strategies and policies
  • Formulation of the municipal operating and capital budgets
  • Financial reporting and controls
  • Providing objective professional support on major strategic and financial initiatives
  • Administering the procurement of goods and services
  • Liaison with regulatory officials/agencies (external auditors and financial services)

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Corporate Services

  • Vital Statistics Act Registrar
  • Elections Officer
  • Council/Committee Secretariat
  • Municipal Freedom of Information Privacy Officer
  • Licensing Officer
  • Municipal records management
  • Human resources administration
  • Accessibility Coordinator

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Fire Services

  • Responding to all emergency calls for fire suppression, medical calls, and motor vehicle accidents
  • Responding to all industrial accidents
  • Inspection of all public assemblies, institutional, industrial and high hazard structures
  • Public education on fire prevention
  • Head of Town's emergency operation team

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Information & Communication Services

The Information & Communication Services department provides support and oversight for:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS Online Mapping)
  • Business Solutions
  • Town Communications including local media, municipal networks, radios, website and social media
  • Technical Services
  • Client and Staff Services
  • Corporate Branding

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Planning & Building Services

  • Providing professional planning advice to Council, the Planning Committee, the Committee of Adjustment, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and other agencies
  • Managing and administering the Town's development control function
  • Promoting strong, healthy and sustainable community development
  • Establishing operating procedures and standards covering the services delivered by the Planning and Building Services Department

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Recreation Services

  • Delivery of services by Parks and Recreation
  • Parks development and maintenance
  • Recreation programming
  • Facilities management
  • Special events
  • Outdoor pool

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Public Works & Environmental Services

The Public Works Department is responsible for the following services:

  • Roads and right-of-way maintenance
  • Street sign inspections and replacement
  • Traffic light maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Roadside weed control
  • Sidewalk construction and maintenance
  • Municipal parking lot maintenance
  • Storm sewer maintenance

Environmental Services includes Water and Wastewater. This Division is responsible for the following:

  • Water distribution of clean, safe water to consumers
  • Maintaining water quality in accordance with legislation
  • Watermain maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of the wastewater collection system

You can find additional information respecting Water, Wastewater, Stormwater (sewers), Roads and Sidewalks in the "Living Here" menu at the top of the webpage.

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