A by-law is legislation put in place by the Town to regulate activities and development in the Town. These rules protect the:

  • environment
  • public health and safety
  • set standards for the appearance of the community.

The Legislative Services and Clerk's Department maintains all of the Town's by-laws. View the frequently requested by-laws. To view all of the Town's by-laws you can visit our online archive .

Archived By-Laws

By-Law enforcement

Building Services by-law enforcement

If you have a complaint or need information on building services by-laws, contact the Building Services Department.

The Building Services Department enforces the following by-laws:

  • Zoning By-laws
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Land Maintenance By-law
  • Lot Grading By-law
  • Fencing By-law
  • Sign By-law
  • Snow removal By-law

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Other departments enforce by-laws not on the list above. If you need information on other by-laws, contact the Legislative Services and Clerk's Department.

Frequently requested by-laws

Below you will find a list of by-laws commonly requested by the public. If you would like a by-law not found in the listing below, or need a certified copy of a by-law, please contact the Legislative Services and Clerk's Department.

The by-laws listed on our website are not the official version of the by-law. The by-laws are provided for information only and should not be relied upon as an official copy.

Frequently requested by-laws
By-law DescriptionBy-lawAmendments


By-law 2023-037

 By-law 2023-119

Code of Conduct for Council

By-law 2020-11


Community Safety Zone

By-law 2008-04

 By-law 2015-53

Damage to Municipal Property

By-law 1999-36


Development Charges

By-law 2019-63


Dog Licensing

By-Law 2017-61


Dumping and Grading

By-law 2004-29


Emergency Response Plan (includes Flood Response Plan)

By-law 2020-35


Face Covering Policy

By-law 2020-55


Fees and Charges

By-Law 2023-115



By-law 2003-57


Fire Alarms

By-law 2019-75


Fireworks Permit/Use

By-law 2023-045


Land Maintenance

By-law 2004-28


Motorized Snow Vehicles

By-law 2001-53


Noise Control

By-Law 2023-110


Official Plan

By-Law 2021-10

Official Plan Document

with Attachments


Open Burn

By-law 2021-50



By-law 2009-13


Proceedings of Council and its Committees

By-Law 2023-076


Property Standards and amendments

By-law 2002-37


Public Vehicle Licensing

By-law 2007-137



By-Law 2021-60

 By-Law 2021-103 

Removal of Dog Excrement on Public Property

By-law 2005-43



By-law 2018-33


Smoking Prohibition in Parks, Sports Fields,

and Outdoor Recreation Facilities

By-law 2014-60


Tax Rate By-law

By-law 2024-015


Temporary Patio Expansion 

By-Law 2023-046


Traffic (Consolidated)

By-law 2001-36


User Fees

See User Fees Page


Zoning By-laws

Zoning By-Laws