Residents of the Town of Tecumseh can register all security and fire alarms for a fee of $32.00. 

Registration deadline is January 31, 2024

Once you are registered, Police Services and Fire Services will each respond to two (2) “at fault false alarms” to any registered premises with an alarm during each calendar year without charge to the premises.

Charges for a third or any subsequent at fault false alarms or if the premises is unregistered, are as follows:

  • Responding to Police Services alarm - $100 per call
  • Responding to Fire Services alarm - fees based on current Ministry of Transportation response rates with respect to Fire Services per apparatus per hour (minimum 1 hour).
  • The owner or occupier of a Registered Premise must attend their premises within 30 minutes of an activated fire alarm. Failure to attend within 30 minutes of a fire alarm will result in a charge using the Ministry of Transportation rate.

You can now complete and pay for your alarm registration online!  The 2024 Alarm Registration Application is submitted electronically, along with the licence fee of $32.00 per registration.

If you have other companies on your premises, please use a separate application form for each business and include the $32.00 fee per business.

Accepted payment options are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • NOTE: The description on your credit card statement will look similar to this: "BAMBORA INTERNET*" or "BAM*TOWN OF TECUMSEH" with a $32.00 charge.

If you have any questions, please contact 519-735-2184, ext. 124.

Submit 2024 Alarm Registration Form

For more information on by-laws relating to alarms, please see our Frequently Requested By-Laws section under By-Laws.