The Town of Tecumseh has a population of just under 24,000. It is located east of Windsor, Ontario and south of Lake St. Clair. Tecumseh offers quick access to the larger cities of Windsor and Detroit, Michigan. The Town offers unique residential areas with small-town charm, natural beauty and cultural energy. 

Tecumseh has had a 98% approval rating from residents for six years. Four out of five believe Tecumseh is on the right track. The Town has several successful business zones and is committed to smart planning and development. Tecumseh also hosts various cultural and recreational opportunities. The Town is a vibrant destination to visit or to call home.

The majority of Tecumseh's 94.7 square kilometres of land area is used for agriculture. The remaining is three separate areas containing typical urban features of residential, recreational, institutional, commercial and industrial development.

The Town offers a number of events with a distinct local flavour. Key among those is the Tecumseh Corn Festival which has been officially ranked as a Top 100 festival by Ontario.

Tecumseh was the first local community to implement a transit system that connects to the City of Windsor transit system. Tecumseh Transit brings riders into the City to connect to other locations.

The majority of the urbanized area of Tecumseh is serviced by active transportation infrastructure in the form of sidewalks, bike lanes and/or multi-purpose trails. The goal of the Town is to ensure that transportation choices for all residents are available or planned. Tecumseh is working with the County of Essex as part of the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) to add and improve connections to trails and cycling infrastructure including more than $200,000 in trail construction in the last two years.

History of Tecumseh, St. Clair Beach and Sandwich South