Wastewater from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers and drains is discharged to a sanitary sewer pipe that runs from the home to the property line and is owned and maintained by the homeowner. The Town of Tecumseh is responsible for the portion of the sanitary sewer from the property line to the main sewer. The main sewer sends wastewater collected in the sanitary sewer system to the City of Windsor's sewage treatment facilities for treatment.

The City of Windsor operates two sewage treatment facilities: the Little River Pollution Control Plant (LRPCP) and the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant (LRWRP).

The Public Works department maintains Tecumseh's sanitary sewer collection system. The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) has been contracted to operate and maintain the Town's sanitary sewer pump stations.

If you experience a sewage backup in your home, contact Public Works [email and contact number] to request staff to investigate and assess the source of the problem. You may be advised to contact a plumber if the problem is linked to the portion of the sewer system located on your property.

 Subsidy Program - Foundation Drain Disconnection & Backwater Valve Installation

The Town offers a financial subsidy to residents to disconnect foundation drains from the sanitary sewer and for the installation of a backwater valve device on the internal plumbing system in existing homes.

The Town's Foundation Drain Disconnection Subsidy offers up to 50% of the cost to a maximum of $1,060.

The Town's Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy offers up to 80% of the costs to a maximum of $800.