In an effort to address rising costs homeowners have with private property connections to municipal water lines, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) created the Local Authorities Service (LAS) Sewer and Water Line Warranty Program. The preferred supplier of this warranty is Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC).

In some cases, repairs to water connections on private property can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to $10,000 and many homeowner insurance policies do not cover the cost of these repairs.

On July 26, 2016, Council endorsed this program. Tecumseh is one of 397 of the 444 Ontario municipalities participating in the program.

SLWC will remit 5% of the warranty revenue to the Town. Based on the warranty referenced in the letters, this amounts to less than $10 per policy (participating property owners).

Council endorsed SLWC as part of the agreement between them and AMO/LAS. This does not constitute support for a specific organization, but rather support for a program endorsed by AMO.

Residents are under no obligation to enroll in the program and we encourage you to speak with your homeowner insurer to see if they offer a similar protection program. We apologize for the confusion surrounding this matter as it was not Council or Administration’s intent.

This is not a Town run program.  Please direct specific questions and registrations to Service Lines Warranties of Canada at 1-844-616-8444 or

Please refer to the Service Line Warranties of Canada 2022 brochure for additional information.

Who is Service Line Warranties Canada?
Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) is a private company that provides optional and voluntary exterior water and or sewer/septic (wastewater) pipe and interior plumbing protection.

Why is there a need for this warranty?
Depending on specific problems, internal plumbing repairs could start at several hundred dollars and pipe repairs outside the home could cost upwards of $10,000. Warranty coverage provides protection for External Water Line up to $5,000 and External Sewer Line up to $8,000. The warranty provides assistance to residents to help mitigate those unplanned repair costs.

Why did the Town of Tecumseh endorse this company and why are they using the logo?
Council endorsed the Local Authorities Service (LAS) Sewer and Water Line Warranty Program offered by Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC). SLWC is a preferred service partner of AMO’s LAS and offers the warranty program to any municipality with a standard rate structure. Council did not choose SLWC, they chose to endorse the program as offered by AMO. There is no obligation to participate in the program. By endorsing the program, Council has provided residents with an option for a lower price negotiated by AMO.
This program is also supported by 397 of the 444 Ontario municipalities. Several municipalities in the province have already seen coverage payouts under the program. 

How much is the Town spending on this correspondence?
The Town is not involved in the circulation of this letter and has not spent any funds on this program.

Why didn’t the Town advise residents of this?
We were not provided with details on the timelines of the mailing.

How did they get my address information?
The Town provided postal code information and the onus was on SLWC to acquire further data.

How much money is the Town of Tecumseh receiving from SLWC?
At this point the Town has not received any funds from this program.

Under the agreement, for every homeowner policy paid, the Town receives 5% or less than $10 per policy. Full details on any future revenue will be provided to Council for consideration when they are known.