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Storm Drainage Master Plan

Tecumseh Storm Drainage Master Plan

On September 29th, 2016, the Town of Tecumseh experienced significant surface flooding due to an extreme rainfall event that overwhelmed the existing storm sewer system and pumping stations. In order to identify comprehensive, long-range solutions that would reduce the risks and impacts of surface flooding in the more vulnerable urban areas, the Town of Tecumseh has initiated the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the study area shown in Figure 1. This study area is approximately 1,282 hectare (3,170 acres) in size, with storm drainage outlets to Lake St. Clair and Pike Creek that are served by eight (8) storm pump stations (PS), as also shown in Figure 1 and described as follows:

• Lesperance Pump Station (Riverside Dr. at Lesperance Rd.)
• West St. Louis Pump Station (Riverside Dr. between Barry Ave. and Centennial Dr.)
• East St. Louis Pump Station (Riverside Dr. between Centennial Dr. and Grace Rd.)
• East Townline Drain Pump Station (Riverside Dr. at Manning Rd.)
• Scully (Edgewater) Pump Station (Riverside Dr. between Grant Ave. and Edgewater Blvd.)
• St. Marks Pump Station (Riverside Dr. between Edgewater Blvd. and St. Marks Rd.)
• Peter Cecile (Kensington) Pump Station (Riverside Dr. at Kensington Blvd.)
• Brighton Road Pump Station (Tecumseh Rd E. at Brighton Rd.)

The Storm Drainage Master Plan will address Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process (2000, as amended in 2015).  This approach will involve the general public and government agencies in the development of a comprehensive, long-range storm drainage infrastructure plan through the definition of the problems and opportunities applicable to the study area,  identification of alternative solutions, an inventory of the environment, and an evaluation of alternative solutions.  At the conclusion of the Class EA Master Plan process, the preferred solutions for the study area will be confirmed to a level of detail that would be sufficient to fulfill the requirements for Schedule B projects.  The Town would then be in a position to implement the preferred solutions in stages subject to the availability of funding. 

The study will include an evaluation of the capacity of the following components of the Town’s storm drainage system in the study area:

• Minor drainage system (storm sewers);
• Major drainage system (overland flow in roadways and low-lying areas); and
• Outlet capacity of the eight (8) storm pump stations.

Based on the hydraulic modelling and analysis of the storm drainage systems, a range of alternative solutions will be developed.

The alternative solutions will be presented for public and agency input at two public meetings prior to finalizing the recommendations of the Storm Drainage Master Plan for the study area.  It is anticipated that the two (2) public meetings will be held in late 2017 and in early 2018.  Further notifications with details of these public meetings will be issued in advance.
The Storm Drainage Master Plan will form a key component of the Town’s broader program of sustainable infrastructure solutions that contribute to reducing the risks and impacts of flooding.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Town of Tecumseh
Mr. Phil Bartnik, P.Eng., Director Public Works & Environmental Services
Tel: (519) 735-2184 x 148

Dillon Consulting Limited
Mr. Flavio Forest, P.Eng. – Project Manager
Tel: (519) 948-5000 x 3233

Planned Completion: 

Saturday, April 25, 2020
Tecumseh Storm Drainage Master Plan Report - Final - 2019

The Storm Drainage Master Plan Report is available for viewing. Due to the file size, Appendices: Final Environmental Assessment Report (Volume 1), is not available online. A hard copy is available for public viewing at Town Hall located at 917 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh, Ontario, N8N1W9.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Volume 1 - Final Environmental Assessment Report
  3. Appendices: Final Technical Modelling Report (Volume 2)
  4. Appendices: Final Environmental Assessment Report (Volume 1) - Available in Hard Copy at at Town Hall
  5. Volume 2 - Final Technical Modelling Report