The Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA), in partnership with the City of Windsor and Town of Tecumseh, initiated a study in 2004 to document existing conditions within the Upper Little River watershed and to recommend stormwater management measures. Stantec Consulting Ltd. was retained to complete the Upper Little River Watershed Drainage and Stormwater Management Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment (ULREA).

 In general, the primary objective of this study was to define the future stormwater management corridors that would be used to support future development of the Sandwich South lands in the City of Windsor and a portion of the Tecumseh and Oldcastle Hamlets in the Town of Tecumseh. It informs more complex servicing studies for these areas, enabling sustainable growth for the City of Windsor and Town of Tecumseh. 

The ULREA Study was completed in 2017 with Public Works & Engineering Services Report No. 23/17 presented to Tecumseh Council on May 23, 2017 detailing the 2017 report, public consultation, alternatives and the recommended solution. The Notice of Study Completion was filed in September 2017. However, due to the overall duration of the project, changes to the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) requirements over that time, and input from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) during the review of a Part II Order appeal, the ULREA was not finalized after the 30-day public review period.

The Final Report has now been completed and ERCA has issued the Notice of Study Completion, a link to both can be found below.

For more information on the history and resulting timeline, details can be found below in Report PWES-2022-41 Upper Little River Watershed Drainage and Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment Project Update & Notice of Study Completion. 

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