On May 9, 2017, Tecumseh Council approved changes to the current wards and ward boundaries in the Town, as well as to the composition of Council, in accordance with Sections 217 and 222 of the Municipal Act, 2001 (Act).

By-law No. 2017-22 was passed being a by-law to provide for the alteration of the wards and ward boundaries for the Town of Tecumseh. By-law No. 2017-23 alters the composition of the Council for The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh.

The approved changes introduce five (5) new wards and provide for representation of each ward by one (1) elected Councillor. The new ward and ward boundaries are depicted in the maps below. The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor will continue to be elected at-large.

Map of all wards - represented by Mayor Gary McNamara and Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti

Ward 1 - represented by Councillor Alicia Higgison

Ward 2 - represented by Councillor James Dorner

Ward 3 - represented by Councillor Rick Tonial

Ward 4 - represented by Councillor Brian Houston

Ward 5 - represented by Councillor Tania Jobin