The Water and Wastewater Master Plan is Tecumseh's strategy for providing water and wastewater services to residents and businesses. The Plan ensures water and wastewater systems meet current and future demands and are able to provide safe, cost-effective and reliable services to the community. The Town reviews and updates the Plan to accommodate growth and be at the forefront of best practices.

The Town is currently finalizing the 2018-2019 Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update.

2008 Water & Wastewater Master Plan Update

Appendix 1-1 Planning Information

Appendix 1-2 Development Charge Background Study (July 2004)

Appendix 1-3 Servicing Agreements Water and Wastewater MP Update

Appendix 1-4 Inflow and Infiltration Control Study (January 2005)

Appendix 1-5 Class EA for Sanitary Servicing of Lands Annexed from the Town of Tecumseh

Appendix 1-6 Water and Wastewater Rate Study (October 2007)

Appendix 1-7 Water and Wastewater System Data

Appendix 1-8 Capacity Requirement Calculations

Appendix 1-9 Project Data Sheets

Appendix 1-10 Capital Cost Estimates – Capital Program Tables, Class EA Schedule, Service Area Cost

Appendix 1-10 Capital Cost Estimates – Wastewater Infrastructure Works