A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed improvements on Arlington Boulevard was completed in May 2008. The proposed works consisted of a road reconstruction with on-street parking, replacement of the existing watermain, and the installation of new storm sewers. Council adopted the recommendations outlined in the EA and subsequently retained and authorized Dillon Consulting Limited to commence the engineering design for this project, with the remaining final design and tender documents to be completed upon Council’s approval to proceed.

Upon review of the preliminary design of Arlington Boulevard Improvements, the capacity constraints of St. Mark’s and Scully storm pumping stations, the cost analysis completed on various design options, the 2016 Pump and Metering Station Condition Assessment, and taking into account the Town of Tecumseh Storm Drainage Master Plan, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Consolidating the St. Mark’s and Scully pump stations.
  2. The recommendations contained within the Storm Drainage Master Plan form the basis of prioritizing projects when completing future annual Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plans.
  3. Finalizing the design and tender documents for the Arlington Boulevard Improvements, Phase 1 be put on hold, until the timing of the project is identified as part of the prioritization of projects in future Capital Works Plan.
  4. Timing of the first phase will be contingent on the downstream storm and pump station improvements, any other storm project with a higher prioritization and available funding.