The Town has various permits and application forms available online for your convenience. The Fees and Charges By-law sets out the fees charged for various Town services. The Fees and Charges By-Law is updated annually.

User fees

Each year the Town of Tecumseh passes a by-law setting out the user fees for services for the following Departments:

  • General Administration
  • Fire Department
  • Police Services
  • Planning Department
  • Public Works
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Water Department
  • Tecumseh Transit.

View our user fees for more detailed information on the various fees and charges.

General licensing forms and applications

Contact the Legislative Services and Clerk's Department for additional information on :

Building Services Department applications, guides and forms

Contact the Building Services Department for further information and assistance.

Municipal drain applications, guides and forms

Contact Public Works & Engineering Services for more information on municipal drains:

Finance Department forms

Contact the Finance Department for more information on Finance forms:

Fire Services Department forms

Contact the Fire Department for additional information on forms for the Fire Department.

Parks and Recreation Services Department forms

Contact the Parks and Recreation Department for more information on Parks and Recreations forms.

Planning Services Department forms

Contact the Planning Department for more information on Planning Services forms.

Police Services forms

Contact the Police Services Department for more information on Police Services forms.

Public Works forms (e.g. roads, sidewalks, utilities)

Contact Public Works & Engineering Services for more information on Public Works forms.

Water Services forms

Contact Water Services for more information on Water Department forms.