The Town of Tecumseh recently received 4.38 million dollars in federal funding from the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF). This fund is aimed at accelerating the construction of homes and provide Tecumseh residents with the spaces they need to live, grow, and call home. 

What does this mean? 

The HAF will fund nine (9) initiatives to be undertaken by the Town over the next 3 years that are intended to help accelerate the pace at which homes are built. This does not mean that the Town of Tecumseh is building 137 homes. The nine (9) initiatives are expected to facilitate the construction of 137 housing units by the private sector that likely would not have otherwise been built. 

Many of the initiatives require detailed planning studies that will include comprehensive public consultation and engagement, all of which must follow provincially legislated processes.  All Council decisions regarding the initiatives will come through future public meetings. 

Our goal is to ensure Tecumseh remains a preferred place to live, work, invest and raise families - with availability of housing that provides choice, affordability and is inclusive. 

To read the Council Report outlining the HAF application, click here.  

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