Purpose of an Official Plan

The purpose of an Official Plan is to:

  • Establish goals -  A goal is a desired state that reflects the long-range purpose of a Plan and is related to a major area of concern;
  • Establish objectives -  An objective is a short-range step toward the goal. It is concrete, realistic, action-oriented and attainable within a short period. The achievement of an objective should move the goal closer to reality;
  • Establish general policies concerned with the shaping and guiding of the physical growth and arrangement of the Town;
  • Balance the social and economic needs of the Town in order to obtain the most desirable physical environment for the Town's present and future residents;
  • Guide both municipal Council and staff, along with private interests, in such a way as to ensure the best form of development under the most desirable conditions; and
  • Guide and direct future development in a logical and orderly manner to ensure a resulting healthy growth pattern which will benefit the Town's present and future residents.


Town of Tecumseh Official Plan

On February 23, 2021, Town Council rescinded the three separate Official Plans in effect for the three former municipalities (the Town of Tecumseh, the Village of St. Clair Beach and the Township of Sandwich South) that amalgamated to form the current Town of Tecumseh and adopted a new Official Plan, in accordance with the Planning Act.  The Official Plan was subsequently approved by the County of Essex (the Approval Authority) on June 21, 2021.

Please note: Amendments to the Official Plan are common. Accordingly, all information contained in the link provided should be confirmed with Town Staff.

You can find out the Official Plan designation of your property by contacting our Planning Department at 519-735-2184 ext. 123.