Make sure that you learn the rules and requirements for open air burning within the Town of Tecumseh before you light a fire. We prohibit any kind of burning during a period of poor air quality or under poor weather conditions. See By-Law 2021-50 (Open Burn By-Law) under Frequently Requested By-Laws for more details, including set fines/penalties under Part 1 of the Provincial Offences Act.

The Fire code permits an open-air burn that consists of a small, confined fire that is:

  • Used to cook food on a grill, barbecue or spit
  • Extinguished immediately upon completion of the cooking process
  • Supervised at all times

Residential backyard burning

Metal fire pit with a small fire inside on an outdoor patio

We permit open-air fires in residential areas under the following conditions:

Smoke does not cause an annoyance or irritation to adjacent persons, properties or premises.

Size must not be greater than one square meter with flames not higher than one meter in height.

Burn is not located within four (4) meters of a structure, fence or property line and is continuously supervised by a competent adult.

There are adequate tools and/or water on hand to put out the fire.

Installation and location of burning appliances must meet the manufacturer's specifications.

Fire must be during daylight hours only.

Acceptable materials

Only use acceptable materials to fuel your fire, such as:

  • briquettes
  • charcoal
  • dry seasoned wood
  • purchased fire logs
  • small amounts of white or brown paper or cardboard
  • wood by-products that have not been chemically treated, painted or stained

Prohibited materials

Never use the following materials to fuel your fire:

  • asphalt products
  • construction material or rubble
  • grass/leaves
  • kitchen garbage, or any garbage or trash
  • rubber, plastics and all like items
  • tires
  • treated wood

Fires requiring permits

If you would like to burn vegetable matter or vegetation on agricultural lands, send us completed Open-air burn permit application for approval under the following conditions:

  • Fire size no greater than three square meters
  • NOT within four (4) meters of a structure, fence or property line
  • During daylight hours only
  • Weather and wind conditions must be favorable
  • Supervised at all times by a competent adult