The objective of the Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan is to maintain a consistently high level of service and strive to improve the Town's infrastructure component through these improvements.

The Town adopted an Asset Management Plan in December 2013, updated in May 2018, which serves as a guide as to what, and when, capital projects should be undertaken.

Each year recommendations are made requesting Council approve specific projects while adopting a five-year capital plan. This gives authorization to proceed with annual projects while proposed five-year projects will come back to Council in subsequent years for approval to proceed.

For questions regarding this project, please contact the John Henderson, Manager Engineering Services at 519-735-2184 ext. 166.

Shoreline Management Plan

The Town is undertaking a Shoreline Management Plan as one of the recommended flood mitigation strategies.

The Shoreline Management Plan will determine the best ways to identify and manage flood and erosion risk to the developed shoreline of Lake St. Clair and Pike Creek and will also determine opportunities where partners, stakeholders and landowners can work together to identify, manage and reduce the risk of flooding and erosion due to high lake levels and wave action.

The Shoreline Management Plan has been incorporated within the five-year Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan that was approved by Council at the December 10, 2019 Council meeting. Zuzek Inc. has been retained to assist the Town with developing this Plan.

The project has commenced and one of the first tasks completed was the development of an inventory of existing shoreline protection on each property along Lake St. Clair including elevations of protective works and adjacent lands. This inventory also extended approximately 150 m upstream on the Pike Creek. In addition, a drone was flown over the water to capture pictures of the shoreline to assist with the technical analysis.

Public consultation is an important part of this project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional Public Information Centres (PIC) will not be possible; however, virtual PICs have been organized to ensure residents have the opportunity to provide information, ask questions and participate in the process.

The first PIC was held Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Session 1) and from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (Session 2). This PIC provided an overview of the project and work plan, outlined the preliminary findings from the field work, presented examples of flood hazard mitigation, climate change adaptation and emergency response, and received feedback from the attendees about local conditions and evaluation criteria.

A copy of the presentation is available for your information and review. We encourage you to provide comments; your input is key in developing the Town's Shoreline Management Plan.


Public Information Centre #1 - session recordings 


Complete Post-Session Survey Here


The Shoreline Management Plan is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

Riverside Drive Trail

The majority of the urbanized area of Tecumseh is serviced by active transportation infrastructure in the form of sidewalks, bike lanes and multi-purpose trails. The Town is working with the County of Essex as part of the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) to add and improve connections to trails and cycling infrastructure.

In October 2016, Council approved the construction of a 2.4 m wide trail having a length of approximately 2.4 km along Riverside Drive, from the Tecumseh/Windsor municipal boundary to Manning Road, as a 2017 CWATS project.

Bezaire & Associates were retained by the Town to complete the design work, contract administration and inspection of the construction of the Riverside Drive Trail.

Two Public Information Centres (PIC) were held to share details of the project and to gather public input on the Town's initiative to construct a multi-use recreational trail along Riverside Drive. The first PIC was held September 13, 2017 and the second PIC was held June 6, 2018. The results of the second PIC will be published following a report to Council.

8th Concession Road Bridge Rehabilitation at Merrick Creek Drain

On July 22, 2020, South Shore Contracting is scheduled to begin construction on the rehabilitation of the 8th Concession Road Bridge over the Merrick Creek Drain located on the 8th Concession Road between County Road 8 and South Talbot Road.

This capital project generally includes concrete repair, installation of a new asphalt road surface and drain bank stabilization. This project is expected to take approximately five weeks to complete, weather permitting.

The 8th Concession Road will be closed to through traffic at the bridge site for the duration of construction. A detour route will be clearly marked to redirect motorists.

Tecumseh Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement

The capital project to replace the existing sanitary sewer on Tecumseh Road between Southfield Drive and Lesperance Road was approved by Council as part of the 2020 Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan. The tender has been awarded to D'Amore Construction (2000) Ltd. The Town has also retained Dillon Consulting Limited (Dillon) to serve as representatives during the construction of this project.

On March 17, 2020, the Government of Ontario, in response to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, declared a state of emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA). On March 24, 2020, the Government of Ontario mandated the closure of all non-essential businesses through Ontario Regulation 82/20 (O.Reg. 82/20). As a result of this regulation, the start of the Tecumseh Road Sanitary Sewer project was postponed.

On May 1, 2020, an amendment to O.Reg. 82/20 allowed municipal infrastructure projects to resume. Town staff contacted D'Amore Construction (2000) Ltd. advising of the ability to move forward with construction provided appropriate COVID-19 mitigation measures are implemented to keep workers safe and ensure compliance with the current health and safety protocols.

The Tecumseh Road sanitary sewer replacement is required to improve the existing sanitary sewer system to accommodate new development within the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement (CIP) Area.

Construction is scheduled to begin on July 13, 2020. Preliminary works such as exploratory digging, preconditions surveys, and staging of construction signage may commence prior to July 13th.

In order to facilitate the sewer construction, lane closures along portions of Tecumseh Road will be required and sidewalk use may be restricted. Temporary closure of Tecumseh Road and Southfield Road will be required to accommodate sewer construction. The closures will be short in duration and access to properties will be maintained via detour routes. Appropriate signage will be in place to notify motorists and pedestrians of any lane and sidewalk closures and to direct traffic to alternative detour routes.

A brief presentation is provided for additional information about the project. We welcome and encourage you to submit comments to the project team.

Please contact the following project team members if you have any project-specific questions via email at or via telephone:

Dillon Consulting Limited

Mr. Bruno Acampora (On-Site), Construction Observer: 519-791-2173

Ms. Andrea Winter, Project Manager: 519-354-7868 Ext. 3331

D'Amore Construction Ltd.

Mr. Jim Truant, Project Manager: 519-966-0554 Ext. 230

Town of Tecumseh

Mr. John Henderson, Manager Engineering Services: 519-735-2184 Ext. 166