The Town of Tecumseh completed the Schedule 'C' planning and design stages for a stormwater management system to service the Manning Road Secondary Plan Area (MRSPA) in accordance with the Municipal Engineers Association's Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2007).

Two Public Information Centers were held in 2006, identifying alternative stormwater management (SWM) facility options to address the study area needs.

The technical analysis, environmental impact evaluation, and public and agency consultation process resulted in the identification of the Regional Pond a the CPR railroad as the preferred design.

An Environmental Study Report (ESR) was prepared, describing existing environmental conditions, anticipated impacts, mitigating measures, and details for the preferred design. The ESR was made available for a 30-day public and agency review from April 15, 2010 to May 22, 2010 during which time no Part II Order requests were received and the project was confirmed as being approved under the Environmental Assessment (EA) Act.

In 2014, an amendment to the preferred solution, identified in the 2010 ESR, involved expanding the design drainage area of the proposed MRSPA SWM facility to include the Baillargeon Drain.

The MRSPA SWM Environmental Study Report Addendum (December 2014) was made available for public review and expired on January 19, 2015. During the public review period, comments were received from various stakeholders and approval authorities. The MRSPA Environmental Study Report Addendum (December 2014 - Updated March 2015) was updated to reflect the additional information arising from the comments received during the 30 day public review period.

The requirements outlined in the MRSPA SWM Environmental Study Report Addendum (December 2014 - Updated March 2015) has been incorporated into the Functional Servicing Report for the MRSPA to clarify the detailed design requirements associated with the implementation of this preferred solution.

This project is approved under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process.

Manning Road Secondary Plan Area Stormwater Management Class Environmental Assessment April 2010

Manning Road Secondary Plan Area Stormwater Management Environmental Study Report - Addendum April 2015