This report delineates Town of Tecumseh “Town” policies and procedures for technology disaster recovery, as well as the
process-level plans for recovering critical technology platforms and the telecommunications infrastructure. This report
summarizes the recommended procedures that will underpin the Town’s business continuity strategy. In the event of an
actual emergency situation, modifications to the processes outlined in the report may be made to ensure physical safety of
our staff, systems, and digital assets.

The scope of this report includes the Town’s IT service continuity strategy; a subset of business continuity management
(BCM). Often referred to as Disaster Recovery “DR”, IT service continuity management “ITSCM” is focused on planning for
the restoration of IT-based services and technologies. ITSCM addresses the gaps in the traditional disaster recovery
approach by introducing layers of resilience that provide higher levels of protection. This layering is realized by using
technologies that are readily available such as virtualization and high availability fail over. This approach aligns with ITIL
best practices.

2022 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy