There may be times when you require access to your neighbour's property in order to complete Repairs to your own property. 

For example, you may need to enter their lands in order to repair the fence between the two properties or allow your roofer to place their ladder on your neighbour's lands in order to gain safe access to your roof.  In these circumstances, you may obtain access to your neighbour's lands pursuant to By-Law 2023-086 - Right of Access for Maintenance.

The Right of Access for Maintenance By-Law sets out the terms and conditions for accessing your neighbour's property, the procedures and steps you must take prior to, during and after the access period.  A summary of these terms and conditions follows but we encourage you to review the By-law in its entirety to ensure compliance:

  • Repairs is defined as maintenance and upkeep and additions and/or alterations or the taking of any action to ensure your property is in compliance with building standards established by any by-law or Act. Please note, all Repairs are subject to possible inspection, and the Town's remedies for default, to ensure compliance, if required.
  • Notice to the Town of Tecumseh is to be provided at least five (5) days prior to the first day access is required.
  • If you are submitting Notice but you are not the owner of the property, an authorization from the owner must be uploaded to the Notice.
  • A copy of the Notice and attachments thereto will be emailed to you upon submission, a copy of which is to be provided to the owner of the property you will be accessing.
  • You are also required to:
    • not remain on the property beyond the time frame specified in the Notice;
    • not create any hazards or allow any hazards to exist or remain on the neighbour's property;
    • restore the neighbour's property to the original condition and provide compensation for any damage caused by the entry that cannot be rectified.
  •  You are not permitted to:
    • enter any Building on the neighbour's lands;

    • access the neighbour's property for any purpose other than conducting the Repairs described in the Notice;

    • store materials or equipment, or park vehicles, on the neighbour's property.


 Submit a Notice to Access Neighbouring Property