Electronic attendance at meetings

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all Regular, Public and Special Meetings of Council, as well as Committees and Boards, are being held electronically.  Meetings are Live Streamed on the Town of Tecumseh’s website in accordance with the Town’s Live Streaming of Meetings Policy

Note:  You do not need to complete a Delegation Request form if you simply want to view the meeting.

While meetings are open to the public, the Town recognizes that not everyone can attend in person. Live Streaming gives all community members the opportunity to watch and listen to meetings, either in real time or at their convenience, giving greater access to decision-making and debate.

By attending a Regular, Public or Special Meeting of Council, as well as Committees and Boards, attendees are consenting to their image, voice and comments being recorded and available for public viewing on the Town’s website.

The Chair and/or Administration have the discretion and authority at any time to direct the termination or interruption of Live Streaming if inappropriate material is or may be presented at the Meeting.

While the Town will make every effort to ensure that Live Streaming is available, it takes no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for technical issues beyond its control. Technical issues may include, but are not limited to, the availability of the internet connection, device failure or malfunction, unavailability of social media platforms, or power outages.

Verbal participation

You can participate verbally in an electronic public meeting by:

Contacting the Clerk seven (7) calendar days before the meeting date in order to be listed on the agenda by:

  1. Submitting a Delegation Request Form; or
  2. Emailing the Clerk's Department; or
  3. Phoning the Clerk's Department at 519-735-2184, ext. 139.

Attendees will be contacted directly with registration details prior to the public meeting.

Submit a Delegation Request Form

Written submission

You can present written information at a public meeting by:

Submitting the written comments to the Clerk seven (7) calendar days before the meeting date in order to be included on the agenda; or by no later than 12 noon on the day of the meeting for the supplementary agenda, by either:

  1. Submitting a Delegation Request Form and uploading your comments to the form.
  2. Emailing the Clerk's Department; or
  3. Mailing comments to: Tecumseh Town Hall, Attention Clerk's Office, 917 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh, N8N 1W9.

The Mayor or Chair can limit or reduce the 5-minute speaking time of persons, or extend the speaking time limit, as set out in the Procedural By-law at his/her discretion during the meeting.  If there are more than five persons in a deputation, only 2 speakers will be allowed to speak with a total time limit of 10 minutes.