The Town of Tecumseh Building Services Division is pleased to announce our move to a new e-permitting software called Cloudpermit to process all Building Permit applications.

The Cloudpermit building permit system is user-friendly, efficient, and allows residents, builders, and businesses to apply for and to see the status of an application from anywhere, at any time.

With Cloudpermit, you can:  

  • Apply for all types of building permits online  
  • Pay for a building permit using a credit card (you can find the cost information here.)
  • Check the status of an application  
  • Schedule or cancel inspections  
  • Check inspection results  

As of November 7, 2023, every applicant will be required to use the new Cloudpermit system while still being able to visit the Municipal Office for assistance. 
Apply for a permit here. 

When do you need a building permit? 

Building permits and inspections ensure that building projects comply with the property's zoning, along with health, safety, fire protection, accessibility, and conservation standards. 

A permit is required for: 

  • Construction and Demolition 
  • Repairs to an existing sewage system or the installation of a new sewage system 
  • Change of Use 
  • Signs (including portable signs) 
  • Pools
  • Lot Grading

How to use Cloudpermit: 

 Creating a Cloudpermit Account 
  • Go to the Cloudpermit account login page  
  • Click on register  
  • Provide your email address 
  • Cloudpermit will send a confirmation email. Open the email and follow the instructions to complete the registration process 
  • Be sure to remember the email address and password you used to register 

Starting a new Building Application  

  • Login to Cloudpermit  
  • Click the create new application button in the upper right-hand corner 
  • Click create new project and give it a name that includes the project address and a description of the project 
  • Provide the location where the work will be taking place. You can change the municipality to Tecumseh using the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner  
  • Type in your address or roll number or find your property on the map. When you find the valid address, a drop-down box will appear showing the address and roll number. Make sure you verify that this is the correct address.  
  • Once verification is complete click on the building permit box and choose the category, work type, and work target that applies to your project.  

Review your Draft Building Application Through Cloudpermit 

  • After completing all the above steps, you should see a draft of your building permit application. 
  • Please ensure you review your application and that you enable email notifications, so you receive regular updates throughout the permitting process.  
  • You will need to provide additional information before your application is officially submitted. 

Need help with Cloudpermit? 

If you are having trouble accessing and using Cloudpermit, there are a variety of resources to help you. Check out Cloudpermit Support for instructions on the basics and check out these tutorial videos on how to use the software.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is a building permit required?

  • To ensure that construction within our municipality meets with standards set out in the Ontario Building Code
  • To ensure that zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards and other building standards are met

How much does a permit cost? 

You can find information on permit costs here. 

Who should apply?

  • The homeowner.
  • You may authorize your contractor or designer to apply for the permit.
  • The owner should ensure that they have the permit prior to any work starting.

What projects do not require a building permit?

The following is a list of projects that do not require a permit: 

  • Air conditioning units or heat pumps added to existing systems
  • Pool heaters
  • Painting and decorating
  • Landscaping
  • Asphalt roof shingling (non-structural)
  • Eaves troughs
  • Minor repairs to masonry
  • Kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing modifications
  • Freestanding satellite dishes
  • A detached accessory structure, which measures less than 15 square metres (161 square feet) in area. (An accessory structure is any building or structure other than the house.)
  • Solar panels - free standing

What can result from not obtaining a building permits?

If the work does not comply with Ontario Building Code requirements: 

  • Costly repairs may be required to gain compliance.
  • Removal of work done not in compliance will be required.
  • The building permit application fee may be increased.
  • Legal action may be initiated by the Planning & Building Department to gain compliance.

What is required to apply for a permit?

  • With a good working knowledge of houses and construction you can design your own project.
  • Develop your ideas on paper with rough floor plans and specifications.
  • Have a draftsperson or other knowledgeable person transform your sketches into proper plans.
  • If your project is too complicated, acquire the services of a qualified person.
  • All work indicated on your drawings must conform to the Ontario Building Code and Town of Tecumseh Zoning By-laws.
  • Documents and Drawings Required for Permit Application are itemized in Building By-law 2023-037 - Schedule 2.1
  • Information Required on Drawings are itemized in Building By-law 2023-037 - Schedule 2.2

How do I schedule an inspection?

  • Inspections can be scheduled through the Cloudpermit e-permitting system, or
  • Inspections can be scheduled by calling the Building Clerk at 519-735-2184 X103