Budget and financial statements

Administration submits operating and lifecycle capital budgets to Council for approval on a yearly basis. This is done in accordance with the Council policy and the provisions of the Municipal Act.

An operating budget details the funds necessary to maintain the Town's day to day operations.

A lifecycle capital budget details the funds necessary to build and improve infrastructure and community projects.

To view the Town's budget documents or financial statements click on the links below. 

2020 Budget documents

2020 Approved Business Plan and Budget December 10, 2019 (not compatible with Internet Explorer)

2020 Proposed Business Plan and Budget - November 19, 2019 (not compatible with Internet Explorer)

2020 Budget Survey Results

2020 Pre-Budget consultation - September 10 2019

2020 Business Plan and Budget - News Release August 29 2019

2019 Budget documents

2019 Business plan and budget – January 17 2019

2019 Proposed budget and business plan news release – Dec 12 2018

2019 Proposed business plan and budget – Dec 11 2018

2019 Budget and business plan notice

Financial statement

2018 Financial statement

2017 Financial statement

2016 Financial statement

Public Sector Salary Disclosure

2019 Public sector salary disclosure