February 2024: Construction Update Notice

Stage 1 of this project is currently underway at the existing Scully Pump Station Site (Scully Beach Park, 13698 Riverside Dr E). This includes construction of temporary shoring and related site preparation works to facilitate the construction of the proposed consolidated Scully-St. Mark's storm water pump station. 

The Contractor has advised that they will be starting the installation of temporary shoring works at the Scully Pump Station site the week of February 5, 2024 and is anticipated to continue for approximately 3 weeks. This includes the installation of steel sheet piles to facilitate construction of the new pump station structure. It is likely that some vibration will be felt by nearby residents while the work is underway. Settlement and vibration monitoring equipment controls have been installed to ensure that any ground movement that occurs is within acceptable levels. 

Construction signage is installed on Riverside Drive approaching the site (Riverside Drive from Grant Avenue to Arlington Boulevard) and commuting traffic should be aware that this area is subject to some traffic disruption and delays to accommodate delivery of material. Temporary construction flaggers will be used to accommodate delivery of materials to the site.

Scully Beach Park and St. Mark's Beach Park are closed from public access. It is anticipated that full closures and traffic detours will come into effect when excavation works commence late February 2024. Separate notice will be provided closer to the date via the Town's social media and website (www.tecumseh.ca/scullystmarks). 

Project Overview

This project marks Phase 1 of Tecumseh's Climate Change and Flooding Resiliency Project funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Disaster and Mitigation Adaptation Fund (DMAF).

The Town is providing an upgrade to a component of the regional stormwater infrastructure located in the St. Clair Beach area, along Riverside Drive between Grant Avenue and St. Mark's Road. The Scully Pump Station and St. Mark's Pump Station will be replaced by a consolidated pump station with increased capacity to help mitigate the risks of flooding for the service area.

To see how this project may affect your daily commute, please see the Road Closures and Traffic Detours section. 

For location and further details regarding this project, see the Project Limit Map or Project Details section, or the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Project Limit Map
Riverside Drive between Grant Avenue and Arlington Boulevard

This page provides the following information as it relates to:

Project Details
The work involves replacement of both pump stations into a consolidated Scully-St. Mark's Storm Pump Station located at the Scully Beach Park site (13698 Riverside Drive East). This project will also include installation of new trunk storm sewer along Riverside Drive, between Grant Avenue and Arlington Boulevard and upgraded shoreline protection works at both the Scully Beach Park site and St. Mark's Beach Park site. 

The work includes the following:
  • Decommissioning of the existing Scully Storm Pump Station located at 13698 Riverside Drive East
  • Decommissioning of the existing St. Mark's Storm Pump Station located at 13770 Riverside Drive East
  • Construction of a newly consolidated Scully-St. Mark's Storm Pump Station at the existing Scully Storm Pump Station site. 
  • Installation of approximately 500 meters of Trunk Storm sewer along Riverside Drive East, between Grant Avenue and Arlington Boulevard
  • Shoreline protection upgrades at the new Scully-St. Mark's Storm Pump Station site
Staging of Work
This project will be completed in two stages.
  1. Expected completion by Fall 2024, Stage 1 will include the pump station works at 13698 Riverside Drive (Scully Beach Park) and 13770 Riverside Drive (St. Mark's Beach Park). 
  2. Commencing late Summer/early Fall 2024 and completion end of 2024, Stage 2 will involve the road reconstruction and trunk sewer installation on Riverside Drive East within the project limit (Grant Avenue to Arlington Boulevard). 
Road Closures and Traffic Detours

The following traffic detour and associated signage will come into effect once excavation begins at the Scully Beach park site (13698 Riverside Drive East), expected in late January 2024. 

Riverside Drive from Grant Avenue to St. Mark's will be closed from commuter traffic. Local traffic only will be permitted for residents looking to access their home. Both Scully Beach Park and St. Mark's Beach Park will be closed from public access. Pedestrian access to the pathway on the south side of Riverside within the project limit is expected to be restricted with appropriate signage. Please follow all posted signage and detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood roadways.