The proposed Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension provides a sanitary sewer outlet for approximately 15 Business Park properties within the vicinity of the County Road 19/Sylvestre Drive intersection.

At the December 12, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council, Council authorized Town Administration to proceed with the completion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) and the detailed design for the sanitary sewer extension on Sylvestre Drive. The Notice of Completion was advertised in August 2019 in accordance with the mandatory 30-day public review period. All comments received by the public and stakeholders were addressed; accordingly, the Class EA was considered approved. Subsequently, at the December 10, 2019 Regular Meeting of Council, Council adopted Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension, Municipal Class EA, Schedule B.

 On-going and anticipated work on this project includes the following:

  • Detailed design of the pump station and sanitary sewers
  • Final design of the road improvements
  • Preparation of final design drawings, specifications, and tender documents
  • Obtaining required approvals
  • Relocation of utilities that are in conflict with the proposed sanitary sewer installation (if required)
  • Obtaining required easements

Subject to the completion of the above and obtaining Council approval, this project would then be in a position to proceed to construction, as scheduled within the Public Works and Engineering Services Capital Works Plan.

The Town will proceed with a Public Information Centre (PIC) to communicate estimated charges to the property owners within the Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension Study Area. The details of the PIC will be published once confirmed.

For additional details pertaining to the proposed Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension project, please view the attached video presentation.