The Town of Tecumseh has experienced several significant storm events over the years that have resulted in widespread surface and basement flooding. The Government of Canada launched the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF), a $3.375 billion national merit-based program that supports large-scale infrastructure projects to help communities better manage the risks of disasters triggered by natural hazards.

Town of Tecumseh made application to the DMAF and was successful in securing funding. The Town’s DMAF Projects generally include the following works:

  • Phase 1: The decommissioning of two (2) existing storm pumping stations (Scully pump station and St. Marks pump station) and the construction of one (1) new consolidated storm pump station (Scully-St. Mark’s pump station) at the existing Scully pump station site and a storm sewer along Riverside Drive (approximately from Grant Street to Arlington Blvd.).
  • Phase 2: The replacement/upgrade of the existing P.J. Cecile storm pump station at its existing site.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada with an investment of $10.7M towards the Town’s $26.75M Climate Change and Flooding Resiliency Project.

The DMAF Projects are flood resiliency projects with the overall objective being to build climate resilience, which includes: mitigating flooding in vulnerable areas; reducing flooding impacts to critical infrastructure, resident health and safety and economic activity; and providing an increased level of service within the vulnerable areas.

The status of the Town’s DMAF projects are as follows:

  • The Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Assessment, a condition of the DMAF Agreement, was completed in January 2022.
  • The engineering designs for the Phase 1 pump station and sewer improvements are nearing completion.
  • Site investigations, including geotechnical, archaeological and excess soils have been completed for the Phase 1 pump station locations and a portion of Riverside Drive.
  • The Request for Proposal for Engineering Consulting Services for Phase 2 - P.J. Cecile pump station replacement - was awarded.
  • Engagement with Indigenous Communities .

The Town’s next steps include:

  • Request for Proposal for the Scully-St. Mark's Consolidated Pump Station construction and Engineering Consulting/Inspection.
  • Continued engagement with Indigenous Communities.

Future milestones of the Town’s DMAF works will be updated on the Town’s website.